Eyelash Grow – A Little Magic Helps

Abracadabra, eyelash grow! Ok, so it might not be that easy or quick but did you know you can have your very own thick, luxurious eyelashes in 8-12 weeks? Yes, you can!

If your eyelashes have gotten thin, brittle, and too short you may need some help to get them back to the way they used to be or maybe they never were the greatest in the first place and you want better-looking eyelashes for the first time in your life.

So, what causes your eyelashes to fall out anyway? Let’s talk for a minute about the hair growth in general. Every hair on your body goes through three stages of growth. The last of which really isn’t growing because that is when the hair actually falls out due to the hair follicle dying and not being able to hold the hair in it anymore. Every hair and follicle goes through this.

The fact that we are not all hairless every 12 weeks is because this eyelash growth cycle is staggered several times over and new ones are growing when the old ones are falling out. It is a continuous process that may even slow down over time and as we age.

So, what can you do to keep your eyelashes healthy? Here is when you get all the standard answers first. Eat healthy foods and get plenty of exercise. Drink lots of water to keep toxins from building up in your system. Keep your hands away from your eyes. Treat your eyes as if they were the only two you will ever have. Oh. Yeah. Right, sorry. I just got caught up in a Mom moment. But, you know what I mean. Just be gentle.

If you wear a lot of makeup be sure to remove it every night before you go to bed. Leaving makeup on at night is not healthy for your eyes or eyelashes. Besides, if the makeup remover has a conditioner in it, your eyelashes need that conditioner to stay strong and healthy. Leaving your make-up on at night can cause your eyelashes to become brittle and break off. Not to mention you would look like the Bride of Frankenstein in the morning.

There are so many products on the store shelves to help you look your best at any given moment and your eyelashes are no exception. There are mascaras that thicken and strengthen and lengthen your lashes seemingly like magic. There are mascaras that condition your eyelashes to keep them strong and healthy.

If you are willing to spend some time finding just the right product, or a combination of products, to help you get the look you want, you’ll be very pleased with the results.

The point is that with so many options around that can make your eyelash grow, it might be a little overwhelming. Do yourself a favor, don’t get overwhelmed just use all that the cosmetic companies have made available for you. True, it might take some trial and error, but you can find everything you need to achieve the long, luscious lashes you want.

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