Facts About Eyelash Extensions

It’s no secret that eyelash extensions are popular beauty trends that have taken the world by storm. From the simplest of black mink lashes to the more festive colorful extensions, lash fills are great ways to express creativity and personal style. But behind these lash fills, there are many facts and secrets we have to unfold. Here is everything on eyelash extension facts.

How Eyelash Extensions Are Applied

Let’s begin with a basic eyelash extension certainty every lash lover needs to know, and that is how eyelash extensions are applied. As we know, in order to design lash sets we need high-quality individual lash fans and eyelash extension adhesives. 

The process of the eyelash application begins by choosing a style of extensions and placing soft lash pads on the client’s bottom lashes. These lash pads protect the delicate under eye skin from powerful adhesive chemicals and ensure lash extension safety. 

Next, lash artists place small amounts of lash glues on a stone and begin to dip the extension fans. Using professional tweezers, lash techs will slowly and gently attach a lash fan to each individual natural eyelash. These steps are repeated until the desired look is achieved! For premium-quality mink individual lashes and fast-acting adhesives, visit the lash extension supply store to fill up your inventory! 

Extension Touch-Up

Although our customers love going home with brand new lash fills, it’s essential to upkeep an eyelash extension touch-up schedule. Here is another fun eyelash extension truth for you! Did you know that our natural lashes are shed every 6 to 8 weeks?

Along with natural lashes, individual lash extensions also experience fall-out, which can result in unflattering gaps, spaces, and openings along the upper lash line. To maintain normal eyelash health, remind your clients to retouch their lashes 1-2 months after their procedure. A pro tip is to set up gentle reminders or give your clients a notice call!

Eyelash Aftercare

Speaking of eyelash care, now, let’s touch upon the importance of having a proper eyelash extension aftercare routine! By following a few simple rules and performing daily lash cleanses, our clients can avoid the dangers of eyelash extensions, such as eyelash extension infection and skin irritation. As soon as your client leaves the salon door, remind them to avoid water or moisture for the first 24 hours after getting their lash sets. Water particles can interact with cyanoacrylate chemical composition in lash glues and result in premature bond breakage or eyelash shedding. 

Aside from the ‘no water for 24 hours rule, clients should know how to perform their daily lash cleanses. Our lash extensions can hold on to natural body oils, makeup residue, dirt, and debris. If these particles are left there to build up, they can cause irritation, skin redness, and pain, ultimately leading to eyelash extension infection. The best way to steer clear of these unnecessary infections is to cleanse the eyelash extensions with lash shampoos and clean mascara wands. 

Instruct your clients to purchase clean mascara wands and coat them with 2-3 pumps of lash foaming shampoos. Once the wands are coated with the product, gently rub and cleanse the eyelash extensions. Using slow motions, the lash shampoo can clean the eye area and keep the lashes in perfect eyelash health! Top-formulated lash foaming shampoos can be bought at the Stacy Lash lash extension supply store. 

Lash Extension Supplies & Must-Haves

And lastly, let’s review some of the eyelash extension must-have supplies when preparing how to do eyelash extensions. As we’ve already mentioned, mink individual lash fans and strong lash adhesives are the basic lash supplies all technicians should have on hand. Besides these products, it’s also necessary to have lash pads, lash tweezers, lash shampoos, lash primers, and cream removers. 

First, pick out lash extensions that best suit your client’s personality. Whether it’s mink, colorful, double-layer, or flat ellipse extensions, there is a lash style for everyone! Next, go for professional lash adhesives for eyelash extensions and glue safety.

If your client has sensitive or reactive skin, work with lash glues that have softer formulations and less glue fume compositions. For example, the Stacy Lash Sensitive Eyelash Extension Glue is a go-to gentle-formula product that also has lightning-fast drying properties. Optimal for reducing potential allergic effects on clients, get your Sensitive Eyelash Extension Glue at our online store. 

The next steps are investing in lash pads, tweezers, and lash shampoos that will help prep the client’s natural lashes for beautiful eyelash extensions. But before we attach lash fans, we can use eyelash primers to remove excess traces of makeup residue and oil. By thoroughly cleansing natural lashes, the lash primer can ensure stronger bonds between lashes and extensions. 

And lastly, always have gel or cream-based eyelash removers in your salon, as these products are the quickest ways to remove old lash fans and sets. The non-irritating cream removers can effortlessly dissolve even the strongest of cyanoacrylate formulas and leave the natural lashes looking extra fresh! Simply dip clean mascara wands into the cream remover and coat the extensions with the product. Once the bonds dissolve, detach the eyelash extensions and you’re done!


Eyelash extensions can instantly elevate our appearance and confidence. Having the right eyelash extension knowledge and details can help you create the very best lash sets and fills!

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