Family Fun in St. Thomas

If you are like most other American families, you and your family may be taking a summer vacation this year.  If you are planning a summer vacation, have you already selected a summer vacation destination?  If you have yet to decide where you and your family will vacation, you are encouraged to consider the family fun that you and your family can have in St. Thomas.

St. Thomas is most known for its tropical weather. St. Thomas is located in the Virgin Islands.  Many individuals mistakenly believe that St. Thomas, and other islands located in the Caribbean, are only for couples looking to schedule a romantic vacation.  St. Thomas is known for its romantic environment and atmosphere; however, the island is not just limited to those looking to experience a romantic getaway.  There are several “family-friendly,” activities that you and your children may find exciting.

When visiting St. Thomas, you will have to make overnight accommodations for the length of your trip.  In St. Thomas, these accommodations are most often made at a resort. The good news for families is that several popular vacation resorts are designed with adults and children in mind. The resorts are often referred to as “family-friendly,” resorts.

The activities and events that can be found on a “family-friendly,” resort will vary.  Different St. Thomas resorts offer different onsite activities, facilities, and services. Even though no two resorts are the same, there are several common activities that you may find available at most “family-friendly,” St. Thomas resorts. These activities may include, but should not be limited to, swimming, boating, fishing, sunbathing, and playing outdoor sports.

In addition to the above-mentioned activities, many “family-friendly,” resorts offer kid’s clubs or onsite childcare centers.  You and your children may find these facilities beneficial, in more ways than one.  If you are looking to receive a few private minutes with your spouse or you would like to spend time alone relaxing by the beach, you can easily drop your child off at an onsite childcare center.  While onsite childcare centers are nice, not all St. Thomas resorts have them. If you need childcare, you will want to search for a resort that offers the service onsite.

St. Thomas Resorts is not the only location in St. Thomas that can be considered “family-friendly.”  If you and your family wish to shop, dine, and sightsee, you can easily do so.  Along the shoreline and inland, there are several restaurants, shopping centers, and historical landmarks that have a focus on families.

While shopping, sightseeing, and dining are important, there are additional activities that you and your family may enjoy.  St. Thomas has several different museums.  If you are interested in incorporating education into your vacation, you can easily do so. In addition to inland museums, St. Thomas is also famous for its focus on underwater discoveries. You and your children may find it exciting to learn about the animals, plants, and treasures that can be found deep down in the ocean.

With a small amount of research and planning, you can easily schedule a St. Thomas vacation. With an unlimited number of cool activities, services, and facilities available, a St. Thomas vacation is likely to please everyone in your family.

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