Fascinating Cannabis Facts That Might Interest You

There’s very little that’s quite as polarizing as Cannabis. Some love it, while some hate it. What’s inarguable however is that Cannabis is very effective at treating myriad health conditions, from anxiety to cancer. The Cannabis plant has a lot of history, and there are some very interesting facts many people are completely unaware of.

Perhaps if people who disagreed with Cannabis use came to understand its many benefits and the interesting facts associated with it, then they might change their minds regarding its use.

This article will tell you what a few of those facts are:

Delivery Services

A lot of people have this strange idea that 99.9% of Cannabis smokers are lazy and spend their days smoking Cannabis in public parks. This couldn’t be any further from the truth. A large majority of Cannabis users are normal, hard-working people. Many of these people don’t even want their friends or family to know that they smoke weed, so instead of attending dispensaries, they get it delivered straight to their door. There are thousands of Cannabis delivery services operating all over the United States. These delivery services are discreet and offer delivery in as little as 24 hours.

Ancient History

Something very few people know is that Cannabis has been used for at least 12,000 years. There are cave paintings that depict its use. What Cannabis was used for by the ancients is unclear, though historians and academics agree that it was probably for shamanic reasons. Others say that they used the plant for its myriad health benefits. Whatever the truth is, the fact remains the same: the ancients used Cannabis. 12,000 years later, human society has evolved into something amazing. While Cannabis probably wasn’t the catalyst for that, it certainly didn’t hold us back and inhibit our ancestors from building the world that we enjoy today.


A very interesting and somewhat funny fact that few people know is that Cannabis was the world’s first digital purchase. Back when the internet was in its early development phase, students at America’s Stanford University purchased a bag of Cannabis from students at MIT. This means that the first product ever sold online was Cannabis. It also means that the students charged with developing and working on the internet were smoking Cannabis. This essentially means that, in many respects, Cannabis aided the development of the Internet.


Another piece of misinformation circulated among Cannabis skeptics is that all Cannabis gets you high. This is flagrantly untrue. Many cannabinoids make up the Cannabis plant. One of them is CBD, which is short for Cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is used to treat many different health conditions, including PTSD and epilepsy. CBD produces no high and is not psychoactive. This means that it can be used by everybody, old and young. CBD allows people who aren’t enthused about the idea of getting high to enjoy marijuana’s health benefits while remaining clear-headed and sober. Cannabis isn’t just for getting high.

Cannabis Intoxication


Another misunderstanding about Cannabis is that one can overdose on it. While it is possible to smoke too much, it isn’t possible to die or suffer ill health as a consequence of a Cannabis overdose. People who argue Cannabis is bad for one’s health rarely consider this. Cigarettes and alcohol can both prove fatal, yet neither is criminalized. Cannabis on the other hand has absolutely no long-term negative health effects, and in fact, can be used to treat chronic conditions, rather than cause them. 

Shakespeare Connection

Anti-Cannabis advocates may be shocked to learn that there’s evidence suggesting that William Shakespeare, Britain’s most famous playwright, was a Cannabis smoker, and therefore, his plays were inspired by his usage of the drug. In his back garden during an excavation, archaeologists found pipes with Cannabis residue in them, which indicated that he had, at least once, used Cannabis.

This is a very interesting discovery, which suggests that Cannabis use has been prevalent in the British Isles for many hundreds of years. With that said, there is no hard evidence to suggest Shakespeare himself was the smoker; it could easily have been somebody else.

Tupac Shakur

A very interesting fact that’s little known by fans of the deceased rapper is that after Tupac Shakur was killed and cremated, his friends smoked his ashes in marijuana blunts. Members of Tupac’s music group, The Outlawz, took the rapper’s lyrics in ‘Black Jesus’ seriously and smoked him. This was once a legend but has now been confirmed by members of the Outlawz. Tupac was an outspoken advocate for the use of Cannabis and was rarely seen in music videos and photographs without a marijuana cigarette in his hand, so it’s not much of a surprise that he should have wanted to go out the way that he lived.

Cannabis is an extremely popular recreational drug and medicinal treatment. There’s so much to the plant that most people don’t know. The facts in this article barely scratch the surface.

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