Fascinating Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Your Teeth

We are well educated on how to take care of our dental health. But are we all aware of our teeth’ amazing facts? These are unique and there are a lot of fascinating things to explore and discover. Your teeth are uniquely yours just like your fingerprint. That’s why dental records are used to identify human remains.

As we live in an innovative world, dental care has advanced which helps us a lot to take care of and maintain its good condition. We rely on our teeth in our everyday lives as these help us to eat. It’s just right to know the facts, about how lifestyle and behaviors affect our dental health.

take care of our dental health

The hardest substance in our body

You read it right! Most of us believe that bones are the hardest, but it’s our teeth. The tooth comprises four layers and three of them are enamel, dentin, and cementum, these are the hard tissues. The outer layer which is the enamel is made of minerals, which makes it harder than a bone. Don’t attempt to test how hard your tooth is as it can be damaged by glass or metal. The fourth one is the pulp which contains nerves and tissues, it’s the center of the tooth which is the soft part.

More than 300 different bacteria species are found in plaques

The count of 300 is just the average, but in modern techniques, about 1000 different bacterial species are recognized from plaques. That’s why it is essential to always brush, floss, and use mouthwash to kill them. These are commonly found between the teeth, front and behind. At first, it’s a colorless deposit but once it forms like tartar, it becomes brown or pale yellow. Bacterial plaques are enemies and one of the main causes of tooth decay.

Luckily, we have advanced dental care which helps us to get rid of these tooth problems. We just have to select a trusted clinic that can support our oral health journey. According to experts from Bauer Dental Arts, it is important to work closely with each patient to ensure that their unique needs and expectations are not only fulfilled but exceeded. A regular visit to a dentist is naturally part of our modern lifestyle nowadays. They specialize in providing personalized service which includes individual attention, clear communication, and an overall dental experience free from anxiety.

Fascinating Facts

1- We already have teeth when we were born

When babies give you a gummy smile, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have teeth. Those are already formed beneath the surface of their gums, which are called “milk teeth”. During the teething phase, these will eventually break through the surface.

2- We have 32 teeth in total

We have eight incisors or front teeth, four canine teeth, eight premolars, and twelve molars. Because we are omnivores, we have these four types of teeth with different purposes such as grinding, mashing, and cutting and tearing tough foods.

3- About ⅓ of our teeth are hidden beneath the surface

That’s why it’s important to keep our gums healthy at all times. About ⅓ of each tooth is hidden beneath the surface of our gums, This allows our teeth to remain strong and sturdy. Healthy gums should be firm and pink in color. This will make our teeth remain in good condition.

4- The toothpick is the most damaging object

Frequent use of toothpicks can damage the gums and create spaces between the teeth. Avoid using wooden and hard toothpicks, use dental floss instead as most dentists recommend.

5- Biggest Enemies

Coffee, fruit juices, sports drinks, and other sugary beverages can cause teeth erosion and decay. If you can’t help to have a glass of soda or a cup of coffee, make sure to rinse your mouth with water afterward.

6- Watch out for the color yellow

Yellow means decay. It’s not just a stain on what we drink and eat. Enamel is responsible for our teeth’ white appearance, but when we decay, it starts to change to the color yellow.

7- Brushing too hard can cause sensitive teeth

It’s recommended to use a toothbrush with soft bristles to avoid damaging our enamel. When brushing, move it in small circles. Damaged enamel can cause tooth sensitivity and gum recession.

8- Age of Wisdom

Third molars or wisdom teeth got their nicknames when they typically emerge around the ages of 17 to 25. These are naturally impacted as they no longer have room to develop normally. According to one dental research, 35% of the population were born with no wisdom teeth. Experts debate whether it’s evolution or culture. Since we live in a modern world where food is easy to eat, we no longer have these teeth for survival, unlike our ancestors. 

Taking care of your dental health is not as difficult as it seems. When you follow proper hygiene, and you check out smiles of kiln creek in kiln creek, you can avoid unnecessary oral procedures. Maintaining the good condition of your teeth can help you save money. You can also wear your confident smile wherever you are!

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