Fashion Accessories You Need To Try on Exclusive Parties

If you’ve been invited to an exclusive party you need to look the part with a stylish outfit and accessories so you can catch the spotlight. If you want some jewelry with a lot of surface area, Cuban links are great at adding some bling to your outfit to make you stand out in pretty much any social situation.

Tennis chains are another popular type of necklace that is very versatile and perfect for high-end parties. Pendants act as an add on to your chain and can give your style a serious upgrade by showcasing your personality alongside shiny rocks.

Wristwatches have always been in style and finding the right piece can add a fair amount of swag to your look at parties no matter the season. This article will go over four essential fashion accessories you need to try on before heading to any exclusive parties.

Cuban Links

Cuban links are a form of necklace chain that’s links are made out of “S” shaped links. These links range from around 4mm to 8mm in width and lay flat against your chest so they can show off a lot of precious metal at once to get people’s attention. The links can be silver or gold but if you really want to take your chain to the next level you can get your chain studded with diamonds or other precious stones to add some more style to your look.

These necklaces’ lengths usually range anywhere between 16 and 30 inches so they can be very versatile when being matched with outfits. If you’re going for a lightly formal sophisticated look try wearing a shorter chain so it doesn’t take the spotlight away from the rest of your outfit. If you really want to have your Cuban links chain as the centerpiece of your look try wearing a longer chain with inlaid precious stones and pair it with a simple, dark-colored outfit.

Tennis Chains

Tennis chains are a classic piece of neckwear that can add a lot of classiness to your overall look. Tennis chain links consist of square pieces that are joined together to make a tight fit. According to the experts at the links themselves usually come in silver, gold, or white gold but they can be inlaid with precious stones like VVS diamonds practically any sort of material can be inserted into them as well.

If you want to add more color to your look you can even get tennis chains inlaid with mesmerizing pieces of multicolored ceramics to produce a funkier look.

Tennis chains work great for fancy parties since they work well with sophisticated outfits like suits and dresses but they can also act as the centerpiece of an outfit themselves. If you’re going to an exclusive party that’s laxer about the dress code consider wearing dark jeans and a white shirt along with a longer gold tennis chain inlaid with diamonds to produce a stylish urban look. 

Tennis Chains


Pendants are great additions to any chain since they add some extra surface area to your jewelry while adding some extra personality at the same. Pendants come in all shapes and sizes to suit your style but if you really want to take your look to the next level you can get customs built pendants featuring pretty much anything you could dream of on them.

One more subtle use of pendants consists of multiple smaller pendants that can be added to your chain, this adds to the surface area of your chain and can be less clunky than getting a single larger pendant.

Alternatively, if you want your pendant to be the showcase of your chain get a large one that hangs at the bottom of your chain which showcases an aspect of your personality like which area you’re from or a creature you associate yourself with. Either look will surely get heads turning at even the most exclusive of parties.


Watches have been in style for ages and there are plenty of reasons why this is the case. First off they are functional so you can check the time at any party without having to whip your phone but they also add a fair deal of style to pretty much any look.

If you’re going for a more formal look go for a pure silver or gold watch that can just be seen on the cuff of your suit or long sleeve shirt/jacket. If the weather is hot out and you’re attending a summer outdoor party you can play around with which sort of watch you want to sport as this is the right opportunity to show off your most catchy model.

If you’re wearing a short-sleeve shirt like a polo you should consider wearing a solid gold watch that will shine in the sun or if you really want to take your watch game to the next level you can wear a diamond-encrusted one to really get your style on. 

Exclusive parties mean exclusive looks so if you get invited to one, you’re going to have to bring your A-game when it comes to your outfit and accessories. Cuban links are without a doubt one of the most in-style accessories out on the market these days, short or long these chains will certainly put you in the spotlight at any high-end event.

Tennis chains are a classic neckwear accessory that adds a dash of class to any look, if you’re going to a truly exclusive party you should consider wearing a VVS diamond inlaid gold chain so you can truly shine at any party.

Pendants are a great add on to pretty much any chain if you want to go for a more lowkey look try adding a few small pendants but if you really want your personality to shine at any exclusive party you can always rock a single big pendant. Finally, wristwatches have always been in style since they had a level of sophistication to casual or formal looks so they’re excellent for pretty much any occasion. With these tips, you’ll be able to accessorize like a VIP and fit in at even the fanciest of exclusive parties.

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