Favorite PS2 Games on PC and Smartphone

PlayStation 2 was probably the most favorite console in the late 90s and early 2000s. Every child was dreaming about getting one on Christmas or Birthday. And those children who had it could spend hours and hours just playing their favorite PlayStation games with their family and friends.

Those extremely popular games were Metal Slug X, Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter, Grand Theft Auto 2, and Tekken 3. Even today a lot of people dream of coming back to those wonderful years when the whole family was competing in Mortal Kombat 4 and Digimon World. With modern technologies, your dreams may come true.

To play a PlayStation 2 in 2018 is not a problem. Having new technologies we can download a PS2 emulator and the games directly to our computers or even smartphones. We don’t need a console to play them. If you have never heard of emulators and ROMs, which you can download online instead of buying a console, our article will help you with this. We will teach you how to install ps2 emulator download files on your PC and run those old-school games on it.

Favorite PS2 Games on PC and Smartphone

So, let’s get started.

How to Play PS2 Games on Your Computer

To run PS2 games on modern devices, you need to have two components – a PlayStation emulator and PS2 roms download files, which are the games themselves. You can always find those two elements online absolutely for free. So, just go online and download them depending on the system you have. For example, for Windows users, we recommend NeutrinoSX 2 and PCSX2 emulators.

When it comes to the games, make sure you download those that are suitable for the emulator you’ve chosen. You can download whatever number of games you want. It depends on how much space you have on your PC to store all of them. Don’t know which of the games are the most interesting? Choose something among:

  • Mortal Kombat 4;
  • Megaman X4;
  • Grand Theft Auto 2;
  • Batman & Robin;
  • Bowling;
  • Fantastic Four;
  • James Bond 007, etc.
Play Station Games

Since you have all of those files downloaded to your device, run a setup. Pick the place where you want to store all of your PS2 files and create a separate folder for them. This will make the future gaming experience a lot easier as it is very uncomfortable when you try to find the game you want to play at the moment in every folder on your PC. It is better when you know exactly where it is because you will run the game directly from the emulator window.

Double click on the program and the emulator will open. During the game, you can change the view of the emulator window according to your preferences. You can make it bigger, wider, smaller, etc. Check a toolbar on the top of the window to change other configurations you are not satisfied with.

So, now you know how to bring that outdated console to your modern device.


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