Features to Consider When Buying a Gaming Laptop

No matter your budget, there are a lot of gaming laptops that you should choose from. The question is, which features should you consider before purchasing a gaming notebook? More so there is no better laptop than the other since there is no single type of user.

When people are looking for a laptop to use, there is no right answer, but instead, a list will be provided so that they can take into consideration several features that include:


When buying the right gaming laptop, the size matters a lot. It highly depends on how you are planning to use your new laptop or the purpose you intend to use it for. Additionally, choose wisely the size of your computer since it is not upgradeable shortly so you will be stuck with it for a while.

Also, if portability is one of your priorities, whether to school or the office, you will want a small-sized gaming laptop small-sized gaming laptop. They are always thinner and lighter than the other laptops, get a 14-inch laptop with 2kg of weight.

Screen quality

You’ll probably want a gaming laptop that has a screen that you’ll feel comfortable using for a long. Additionally, you should also consider if you would like your new laptop to have a touchscreen or not. Touch screens always make your work more accessible than others. However, they tend to be glossy and reduce your performance during your gaming session.

A non-touchscreen is a better option for maintaining and improving your performance. Also, make sure you look into the resolution if you want to keep things in a clear view.

Keyboard quality

If you are a laptop for work purposes, you’ll then need a very comfortable computer and also one that is very responsive as you type every word. No one wants a laptop that has to think keyboard since it translates to you having a poor experience in using the gaming laptop. You will want a keyboard that has a very comfortable layout with keys that are also responsive whenever you press them.

Also, look for a keyboard that is backlit for you to perform tasks even in dim surroundings.

Central processing unit

While purchasing a laptop, it is challenging to ignore a gaming laptop that is Intel core-based. If you are a gamer and you perfectly know what a core i3, i5, and i7 bring to the table, then you will consider buying a laptop with a core processor.

Core i7 is the best option if you want a great experience with the best performance.


Gone are the days when 4 GB of RAM was the best way to go. Recently, if your budget doesn’t allow it, you should consider a minimum of 8GB. However, gamers should always look forward to purchasing a 32GB if they want the best experience during their gaming sessions. A higher memory means that you will be able to access multiple apps at the same time to access data quickly.


Hard drives are known to enhance the performance of a gaming laptop. However, a solid-state drive offers a lot of speed than a hard drive can get you. Not only that but also it ensures a computer will run silently without producing a lot of heat like a hard drive would do.

Consider an SSD for your new gaming laptop for the best performance and experience too.

USB 3.0

Nowadays a laptop that has a USB port with less than 3.0., you’ll probably consider looking for another computer. Consider a computer that has more of these ports for better connectivity and transmission of data.

Transferring data using these ports means that you will take less time ten times greater than a USB 2.0.

Fingerprint reader

If you want privacy to be a priority in your gaming laptop, you will have to use a fingerprint reader since they are tough to fake. Guessing this password will be hard. Generally, a gaming laptop that has a fingerprint reader is the best way to go.

Build quality

Every gaming laptop will face rigorous acts from the user. This is inevitable, no matter how careful you can be with your computer. To solve this, a lot of these gaming laptops are designed to withstand any kind of dust or anything that would destroy it.


Gaming notebooks are all about power. If then you are looking for a powerful laptop, they are the way forward. However, if you are performing research on which is the best computer, check out the top gaming laptops that will give the experience of a lifetime and a more fabulous gaming experience.

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