Few Important Tips for Writing SEO Friendly Content

If you think people are big on reading then think again! And if you think the internet has changed the reading habits of people because now anyone can simply log on to the internet and find millions of articles to read then trust me that’s anything but the truth. Internet’s there and people can now post their thoughts in their blogs and write to their heart’s content but that doesn’t mean they also have an audience. Being a content and essay writer I can say that things have changed drastically in the last decade or so.

Gone are the days when writing anything meant it would have a readership, in today’s competitive business era, companies and businesses increasingly employ new tactics to steer customer traffic to their web portal and/or website. SEO content writing demands that writers are experienced and proficient when it comes to phrasing and positioning the right keywords. They need to be knowledgeable about how search engines detect and filter sites based on their significance, relevance, target audience, etc.

The following tips will help you stand out in the search engines and get you the consumer traffic you want!

Write with the Appropriate Keyword Phrases in Mind

First start off by finding what are the most strategic and keyword phrases for the website, be it your own website or someone else’s. Usually, the website is centered on a theme and there are keywords related to it. When you have a wide array of keyword phrases then that really helps you write well. For instance, the keyword phrase for this article is “SEO Content Writing Tips”. As you will notice I have used this phrase quite a number of times so that in this plethora of many websites etc. My article can be easily picked up!

Content is Very Important

Irrespective of what your subject topic is, the content is of strategic importance as it reaches out to so many people. So do not constrict your thought process by only weighing SEO benefits rather think out of the box and look at the bigger picture. Website content helps you connect to a bigger audience than you could’ve imagined. If the content you write is good enough, it will help you get recognized in the entire industry and establish you as a credible business. The benefits of writing good content will get you recognized by many people, the benefits are not just limited to the SEO domain.

Stick to the Topic

Do not confuse business writing with writing your personal blog. You can definitely personalize your writing and giving it a little personal touch as this helps keep the reader interested. However, do not digress from the topic and stick to it. Do not be writing on things that are irrelevant and drift into unchartered territory.

Place Your Keyword Strategically

This is the part where conventional writers who are technically the upholders and champions of literary quality fret over deciding between giving the search engines what they want vs. just being literary geniuses. Do you know what is valued and appreciated by search engines? Well if your keywords show up in the first 90 characters of the article or blog then voila! That’s what you wanted. It will not suffice just to have the keywords appear once!

It is completely okay and suitable to have the “Content writing tips” phrase to repeat thrice or even more than that! Because that is what will help you achieve your goal even if it comes at the risk of making your article seem boring, repetitive, and mundane. Think strategically! Candy flossing your article into appearing all wordy and funny will not get you anywhere.

Link to Others as well as Back to Your Site

Ideally what you want to do is to add a hyperlink within the text body of the article or content and not just at the end of the article. People usually tend to follow a link within the text. So do not miss out on opportunities to plug in a link where you can within the body. Also do not forget external sites that need to be mentioned. Apprise them about how you’ve linked with them as building sound relationships is very important. You promote them, they’ll promote you! You give some and you get some!

Write Interesting and Captivating Headings

First impressions are usually the last ones. And the title of your article is technically your first impression thus you really want to ace that domain. Make sure the title captivates the attention of the reader. In this cluttered online world, it is essential to stand out. Titles can help you stand out. Avoid boring, mundane, and conventional headings as that tend to put people off and they lose interest even before reading the article. Instead, follow what newspaper headline writers do! Grab the attention of the reader!!

Ideal keyword Length and Density

Ideally, web copy content and articles written for directory submission should not exceed the word limit of 300-1000 words. However blog posts and content on social media sites can be shorter in length. The length of your article will be determined by the number of keywords you use. The conventional rule followed is to use a keyword for every 50 to 100 words of content!

Add Keywords to the Bio

Adding in your personal information for a magazine or an article for a directory submission is a very good way to make your presence felt. And while you do that, add another keyword in your biographical information as well.

Use Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are brief description of your content (usually 150 characters) and are one of the best ways to attract readers to your article. Make sure you have Meta descriptions with the keywords in them. This will help you immensely in getting Google to recognize your content and add to its value.

Don’t Pile Up Keywords

Stuffing all keywords in an article or in a page of web content gives a bad impression and makes you seem very unprofessional. This will make all your keywords running together on a page. The trick is to spread out the keywords evenly throughout the article to maintain a natural flow in the article.

Write in a Structured Manner and Tag Hierarchically

For Google and other search engines to recognize your content and to get the desired placement make sure that it looks professional and is structured professionally. The key to do this is to plug in the right tags! The best thing to do is to use h1 tags for titles and h2 tags for subtitles and so on.  Apart from helping you in your writing, this concept will encourage you to put your most compelling ideas first.

Choosing Relevant Images

You can find captivating images that are free to use from Creative Commons search tools like Google Image Search Assistant without facing issues like copyright infringement. By adding eye-catching images related to your content you can quickly take hold of the reader’s attention.

Brevity Is the Key

Do not write long dissertation-like articles or content as it puts off people. People do not have the time to read lengthy essays. People do not have the attention span to read long and lengthy articles either. The key is to express yourself concisely but not missing out on any key detail.

Write Original Content

Don’t “copy and paste” content from existing sources as having duplicate content is a major turn-off for search engine optimization. It is a poor SEO decision to even copy your own content. So make sure that your content is new and original.

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