Few Specific Responsibilities of Civil Drainage Contractors

Civil drainage contractors specialize in the implementation and designing of drainage systems and their improvement. Whenever a leak or blockage occurs in the drainage system of your household, you should look for a professional and experienced drainage contractor only. They would come to your place and make sure that the entire drainage system is fixed, and no further leakage or blocks hinder the proper functioning of the drains.

Civil Drainage Contractors

The responsibilities of a civil drainage contractor include:

  • Taking care of the entire project: The primary job of civil drainage contractors is to apply a risk-based approach and identify the faults in the drainage system. Then they design and implement improvement programs for the drains aimed at solving the problem. They design sewage and rectify the balancing to make sure that no further leaks or blockages take place in your drainage system. They also take care of future maintenance and advise you about the necessary steps to be taken to keep the entire system in order. They offer offline storage solutions for surface water drainage networks to help improve the drainage. Sewage and wastewater pipelines are also repaired and maintained by these drainage contractors. Apart from these services, it is the responsibility of a drainage contractor to inform you about the costs of labor and materials and the estimated time required for the entire project. In case you hire them for large scale projects, it is their responsibility to acquire the necessary labor, tools, and equipment.
  • Getting a sense: Even before starting their operations, responsible civil drainage contractors get a license from the respective authorities and state governments. Not only is it illegal to function without a license, but it is also dangerous, as after the job is complete, many hazards can take place. Contractors who are not licensed can employ fraudulent means to strip you of your money without providing quality services. Many drainage contractors operate without a license, but responsible ones do not. They make sure that their license is authentic and they renew it from time to time.
  • Cleaning up after the process is complete: It is the responsibility of the civil drainage contractors to clean up the entire mess after they have finished the job at your site. After the completion of fixing the drains, boxes of new materials and old parts make a big and dirty mess. The house owner cannot be left with the responsibility of cleaning this after hiring a drainage contractor. Therefore, the company should make sure that the entire place is tidied up and made like it was before they started working.
  • Compensating for damages: If anything breaks or is damaged during the process of the drainage servicing, it is the responsibility of the drainage contractor to compensate for it. Fixing the drains may cause a leak somewhere else or any of the bathroom fittings may be damaged or broken. If something like this happens, make sure that you get proper compensation or get them replaced by the contractors.
  • Getting information about the place they are digging: If the place being dug out by the civil drainage contractors has any water supply pipelines or electric cables underneath, it is the responsibility of the contractor to know about it. They must gather proper information about this from the concerned authorities and work accordingly. However, if you have something in your yard like invisible fences and water outlets, then you must make them aware of it, as they would not be able to get that information from elsewhere.
hire right civil drainage contractors

Keep these things in mind before you hire the right civil drainage contractors so that you know about the responsibilities of the company. Even if they try to put the burden on your shoulders, make sure that you take the necessary steps and get proper services.

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  1. It’s good to know that drainage contractors can also help a lot when it comes to cleaning afterwards. I’m planning to hire one soon in order to improve how my property drains water during heavy rains. I can imagine that getting a large storm drain will be the most practical choice.

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