FFXI Tips For New Players or Returning Players

FFXI is a highly revered game that inspires legions of nostalgia in gamers who used to play it. The game takes place in the exceptionally immersive world of Vana’diel which is packed full of content for both casual and hardcore players. It’s also full of excellent expansion storylines that are expertly interwoven. For a game that is 17 years old, the graphics hold up impressively well, but the graphics aren’t the main pull. The main attraction of the game is the storylines and the healthy player base experiencing these storylines with you as you journey through the world. If you’re looking to experience this epic game again but are out of practice, or if you’re a new player, there’s some stuff you should know. Here are our top tips for new and returning players of FFXI.

FFXI Tips For New Players

Blue Crystals

When traveling through Vana’diel you’ll come across large blue crystals in different locations across the map. These crystals are also known as Home Point Crystals or Teleports, and they allow you to travel between different Home Points, massively reducing travel time. The crystals will appear on your map with a dedicated symbol, so you can find your closest crystal if you want to teleport. Make sure you farm these crystals!

Records of Eminence

In your quests, you should see a section called Records of Eminence (RoE). The system has a tutorial that kick starts the process which will allow you to take part in activities that gain you tons of experience and allow you to make items that you can trade for FFXI Gil on the best gold selling site.

Unlock Your Mount

At level 20 you can get your Chocobo license from the Chocobo Stable in Jeuno by completing a series of tasks. Once you have the Chocobo License and the Map of the Jeuno Area, you can accept the quest ‘Full Speed Ahead!’. Once you’ve done this, you can speak to Mapitoto to get the Trainer’s Whistle. Congratulations – you now have amount! Having an amount makes it infinitely easier to navigate the world and pick up your Home Point teleports so it should be a major priority for new or returning players.

Trust NPCs

Trust NPCs, otherwise known as Alter Egos are popular Vana’diel NPCs that you can summon to ride alongside you in battle! If you go into Records of Eminence and select ‘Tutorial’ and then ‘Basics’, then ‘Call for an alter ego’ you can start the process. Doing this will point you in the direction of getting your Trust NPCs. You can unlock this process at level 5 so you should do it as soon as possible.

Turn On Timers

If you go to the Config section and select ‘Misc 3’ you turn on your timer display. This will turn on the timer for your buffs and debuffs which are extremely useful.

Consider a Controller

Some players swear by using a keyboard and others swear by using a console controller, so you should consider which is the best fit for you. Some players find the controller much easier to use and easy to transition to. Other players will use a keyboard, and most players do not use their mouse, finding it too awkward.

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