Find a Surrogate Mother in Ukraine and Become Parents

You can choose a Ukrainian surrogate mother and experience the joy of parenthood. We hear a lot about people picking surrogacy as a method of having a child. Today this option is getting more and more popular. Many people, however, don’t know the important details. To deepen the topic, it is better to start with the term itself.


Definition Of Surrogacy

Surrogacy is a reproductive technology, with three people involved in conception — genetic parents and a surrogate mother. This method is used mostly when a woman can’t get pregnant herself or simply for people that can’t have a kid. It also is one of the greatest human achievements because of the ability to help women with infertility. Moreover, it might be an option for females and older people, and LGBT couples. Overall giving birth and being a part of it is an amazing event.


The Necessity Of Surrogacy

There are many occasions on which experiencing and choosing surrogate motherhood for your child is essential. But if you still have doubts and wonder if this is your case, here is the list of reasons why the procedure is necessary:

  1. Unfortunately, the problem of infertility has not been solved yet. So this way is the only option for them when medically it is not allowed.
  2. Over the past few years, the LGBT community reached more equal rights when it comes to marriage and kids adoption. But of course, even people in same-sex families want their kids. So choosing a mother is a great opportunity for them.
  3. Many people these days get married when they are too old to have kids. Here surrogacy can also help — genetically, the kid will be all yours, but you won’t have to risk your health.
  4. If you don’t want to limit yourself to pregnancy or can not afford to do it, it can be a great option. You can continue your work, exercise, travel, do whatever you want.
  5. Single people that want to have kids but don’t have a partner also profit and experience parenthood.

If any of these points are about you, then choosing artificial reproductivity as a way of birth-giving is definitely the best option.


Characteristics Of A Ukrainian Surrogate Mother

How should surrogates look like, and what special features should they have:

  1. Have pregnancy experience, so at least one child. A woman needs to have a clear vision of how the pregnancy will go for her.
  2. Age between 23-34. Such a short period is explained by the lowest risks involved for the future child as for the surrogate.
  3. Own several certificates for one of the Ukrainian clinics — different blood tests, psychiatrist certificates, fluorography, ultrasound of the pelvic organs, syphilis, hepatitis B, and ECG. Safety first for everyone.
  4. Mental stability is, for sure, a whole separate point. It is a business where there are many people, so having everyone in charge and ensuring no one won’t get hurt.
  5. If you are married, it is important to have permission from your spouse.

These are some basic steps that need to be followed for you to become a surrogate.


Why Ukrainian Surrogates Are One of The Best Option

Today the surrogacy field is quite open. However, you might have a question, why to apply for this procedure in Ukraine:

  1. It is the country where surrogacy is legal. Unfortunately, some countries still have laws where artificial reproductivity is banned. However, this is very widespread in this country, and there are many surrogate services on the market.
  2. Surrogates who work in Ukrainian agencies often ask for less money than anywhere in the world because overall prices are lower. Hence, the service itself costs much less, like in the USA, where prices are 2-3 times higher.
  3. Thanks to technologies and services, thousands of families already have kids and are happily experiencing parenthood. Clinics are one of the most popular among especially many European countries.
  4. Intended parents are always supported, and all the wishes are counted, so the child can even be delivered in different countries for a lower price.

There are many advantages to choosing a Ukrainian agency, don’t miss the opportunity to make your dreams come true.


The Advantages Of Feskov’s Surrogacy Agency

Among all the various agencies, where can you find the best one? Here are a few reasons why Feskov’s agency should be your choice when deciding:

  1. The variety of services. It provides you any kind of service you might come up with — from the transportation of different types of eggs to sperm donation. It also offers you various VIP guarantees.
  2. Checked and safe motherhood options. During the days of a pandemic or even if you simply live abroad, there are available skype meeting sessions where you can get to know professionals in the field of reproductive medicine.
  3. Safety. We are observing our cooperators and making sure their health is on track. We provide medical checkups for all of them so you can be confident in every service.
  4. Prices available for everyone. Even if you can afford one of our special VIP services, we understand that such expenses are not for everyone. We wanted to make surrogacy a thing that anyone can afford, so lower prices services are available for you.

By choosing us, you are making one huge step towards an amazing journey that’s called parenthood.

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