Find the Best Essential Oil Diffusers Online

Essential oil diffusers are electrical devices that allow us to disperse valuable healing elements into the air.  They promote relaxation, and sinus relief, and provide an all-around pleasant ambiance in your home or office.  But, there’s a sea of products.  How do you find the best diffuser online?

Diffuser Types

What differentiates one diffuser from another depends on the aroma’s output strength, how the diffuser breaks down essential oils, the size of the device, and other additional features.  Things like LED lights and timers will not only affect a model’s price, but also its functionality.


Vaporizing, or evaporating, diffusers absorb essential oil mixed with water through a wick or pad.  A small fan disperses the essential oil very fast.  Although a bit noisy, these are effective and very affordable.


Because of how concentrated essential oils dispel through the air, nebulizer diffusers are one of the most powerful types available.  These are quick, circulating essential oils in a space with amazing speed and without water.

You add the essential oil to a small glass reservoir and, in no time, you’ll smell aromatherapeutic goodness.  So, you won’t need to have it on for very long.  But, the smell is very intense which means that a nebulizer will use essential oil up quicker than other kinds of diffusers.

Heat Diffusers

Although a very cost-effective device, heat diffusers are rare to come by.  This is because they require using water or carrier oil to break down the oil into a fine mist with heat or fire.  Either it’s electronically activated or you have to purchase tea light candles.

This process changes the compounds which means you’ll use more essential oil just to get enough scent.  With some essential oils being expensive like German chamomile and Bulgarian rose otto, this is not a good diffuser option.

So, these are more ideal for small rooms or when pets are present.  Essential oils can cause problems for pets depending on the oil you’re using.  Always make sure your essential oil is going to be safe for animals.

Ultrasonic Diffusers

The most desirable and most available type of diffuser is an ultrasonic one.  It only takes a few drops of essential oil mixed with a lot of water.  This breaks down into a subtle scent that creates microparticles through the vibration of an ultrasonic plate.

Because of the amount of water used combined with the ultrasonic action, they can double as a humidifier.  This is handy for houseplants or dry homes.  The only downfall with using an ultrasonic diffuser is that the smell isn’t very strong because of how diluted the essential oils are.  But they come in a range of sizes and designs to fit any budget.

Choosing a Diffuser

to get a diffuser to create a relaxing space that provides sanctuary and promotes healing to any room.  When you know which one you want, you’ll be well on your way to aromatherapeutic bliss and harmony.

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