5 Essential Tips to Find Top Candidates for Senior Management Positions

The right leader can transform the prospects of a business and provide vision and drive for your team. So it makes sense to take as much time and effort as possible in recruiting the perfect person for your senior management role.

Before you set up that job ad, read this short guide on 5 simple actions you can take to secure the best person for the job.

#1: Use A Referral Scheme for Employees

Few things beat a recommendation from someone you respect and trust. So why not reach out to the staff who already work in your company when recruiting senior management talent?

They will have intimate knowledge of your business challenges and demands. They will have a better idea than many about the type of person who will make a good fit.

To get the most out of this approach, provide an attractive incentive such as a signing-on fee for successful senior management referrals.

#2: Understand the Importance of Cultural Fit

In today’s competitive world, it’s not enough to have managers in your business who are knowledgeable, qualified, and experienced.

To provide the leadership level your business needs to grow, your senior team needs to be an excellent fit for your business culture.

Set out your company culture in your job advertisements and make this clear with any recruitment agency you use.

#3: Connect With an Executive Talent Agency

The best way to carry out an executive search is to use an executive agency, like SPMB. They are likely to already know potential senior management candidates that could be a good fit for your organization.

A specialist recruiter for senior management posts will also be able to support your business. They can sell the role to potentially strong candidates who may not have otherwise applied for a position with your organization.

#4: Set Up an Informal Phone Interview

Recruiting for senior management positions takes time. To find the best person for the role, you need to cast the net as wide as possible.

An informal phone interview is a helpful first stage to gauge whether a potential candidate will be a good fit for your role.

In particular, you want to find out early on whether the candidate is right for your business culture before you spend time going through the formal interview process.

#5: Spend Time on the Negotiation

The most talented senior management candidates are likely to command a high salary.

But suppose you are limited as to what you can offer in terms of salary. In that case, there are many other attractive benefits an executive might be looking for, such as flexible hours and health benefits.

Getting the perfect person to sign on the dotted line means taking the time to get this negotiation stage right. Speak to your preferred candidate and find out what they want from the role, over and above the advertised salary.

Make Senior Management Recruitment A Priority

Other roles in your organization might be quick to fill. But if you want your business to grow, then spend time and effort getting your senior management recruitment right.

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