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Finding the Best Shows To Sell At Craft Fairs

Finding the Best Craft Fairs, There are times of the year when it seems like you hear about craft show after craft show. If you wanted to, you could attend every single one of them and end up like a stress doll that has been squeezed one too many times. Of course, that’s just a bad business decision. What you need to do is pick and choose where you will go, and that involves some very specific criteria.

Of course, nothing can guarantee a great show, there are some things to take into account that will increase the likelihood of your finding and having a good craft show.
First and foremost, identify your own personal market. Apply for shows that fit with your product. Different products sell better at different types of events. As we’ve mentioned before, if you have high-end artwork, don’t try to sell at a local show. You’ll sell more products at a quality event, so don’t waste your money. If you sell handmade Christmas ornaments, don’t try to sell them at a craft fair in July.

Finding the Best Shows To Sell At Craft Fairs


Figure out where your product niche is and go for the shows that best fit your needs. Crafting magazines list hundreds of opportunities for crafters to attend events. Also, search the Internet and ask people who attend craft fairs which ones they like the best.

Ask other crafters what shows they go to. Some of the greatest shows are the ones that aren’t advertised big but those which your colleagues attend too. Once you attend your first craft fair, the opportunities for making contacts with people just like you have just begun. Talk to them and keep in touch. Help them and they will help you.
As we’ve said before, the Internet has a wealth of information about craft shows, events, fairs, and festivals. Take advantage of these resources to find different marketing for your products.

There are many magazines and publications that are helpful in rating and reviewing craft-related events. It’s a good idea for a crafter with a business to have a subscription to one or two of these magazines so you can use them as a tool when searching for shows to attend.


Call local and area Chambers of Commerce to see if there are any craft fairs in your area that are held annually. Ask if they will be sponsoring any events where crafts are sold. This can include the Fourth of July celebrations, Memorial Day events or local festivals. Also, check with area craft stores like Hobby Lobby. They will most likely know about an event happening close by that you can attend.

Finding the Best Shows To Sell At Craft Fairs

Once you’ve identified a few shows you want to go to, there are some steps you will need to go through before you can actually show up and begin collecting your money.

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