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Finding Craft Product To Sell At Craft Fairs

How To Find Craft Product To Sell At Craft Fairs, This the first part and the big important part

So you think you’ve got a great idea for something that would sell like wildfire.  Maybe you do.  However, just because you think it will sell doesn’t necessarily mean it will.  There are a number of factors to take into consideration when you decide you want to sell at craft fairs.


First, do your research about the product.  Find out if there’s a niche for it.  Even though you might be absolutely crazy about one of your creations, this about your future customers? Will they like it as much as you?

It’s easy to get attached to your work and think everyone will have the same warm fuzzy feelings about your products as you do. Think again. The biggest mistake crafters can make – is to make what they want to make and not what people want to buy.  As with any new product or service, test marketing is important to any crafter’s success.

How can you test market something if it’s just little old you?  There are many ways.  For example, if you create jewelry, wear a piece when you are going someplace public.  See if you can get some comments on your pieces.  If you do, it’s probably going to be a good seller, if not, just accept the fact that you might not have such a great idea after all.


If you are already a crafter who sells at craft shows, try putting a new product out with your old product.  The way it sells can tell you a few things.  First, if it goes quickly, you can count on one of two possibilities:  either you’ve priced it too low or it’s a hot item.

Either option isn’t such a bad thing.  If you can sell at the price you’ve set and still make a profit, you will be making money although you could probably make more if you upped the asking price just a little.  If it’s a hot item, you know it’s worth your time and effort to marketing vigorously.

Obviously, when choosing a product to make and sell, you have to take into consideration what it would cost to make the item and what you can realistically expect to sell it for.  One part of your craft business should include finding a wholesale supplier for your craft supplies.


We hope you enjoy this full craft fair guide to sell your crafts at craft fairs, this is the first Part, find the full parts here:

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