Finding The Right Home For The Right Need

Today’s living options are diverse. Sometimes mobile living solutions are worth considering. There are plenty of rental solutions out there in terms of both apartment and residential-style housing. Additionally, you might avoid any kind of housing you own or rent, and bounce through hotels using the internet to cover expenses.

The key to having total autonomy in your choice of living situation is to design a kind of income generation strategy that isn’t geographically rooted. That may not seem feasible, but it has been for hundreds of years. It’s even easier with the internet and modern transit, which make it so you can live like a king on the road for relatively little, or bounce around regions as it suits you.

You can write blogs, articles, or professional content online. Provided you’re able to focus long enough to generate around 3,000 marketable words in under eight hours, five days a week, you’ll be able to find the same kind of wages you would at a conventional low-level 9-5 job, but you won’t deal with any direct bosses, and you can make your schedule.

Granted, benefits packages aren’t the same when you’re punching your own ticket, as it were; but collateral benefits often outweigh them, and allow you to find even more lucrative avenues of making a living that suit you. The web is one of the most liberating tools around, once you learn how to make it work for you.

More Traditional Solutions

Still, you don’t have to have such a location-independent occupation to live in a place that suits you. Really, you’ve just got to be diligent enough to consider multiple options. Don’t limit yourself, and ensure you aren’t compelled to buy the first unit or rent the first apartment, that interests you. There are many angles to consider.

You need to look at things like utilities. Is the unit you’re considering providing gasoline or electric utilities? Then, where is the facility? Different geographies will make electric or gasoline energy either more or less expensive. Some places require hardly any gas or electric-related HVAC.

For example, you might look for apartment options where you can enjoy the world-class beach; according to the site, their properties are nestled at Iroquois Point in West Oahu amidst pristine lagoons, private beaches, and first-class amenities.

Living on the West Coast also presents a variety of options. The Towers at Rincon are luxury high-rise towers with stunning Bay Bridge views and easy access to the best of San Francisco. One place to find these apartments in San Francisco is Carmel Partners, a purveyor of fine living solutions.

Give Yourself Parameters

To narrow it down, determine what your needs are, and what minimum thresholds will be for meeting them. How many are in your family? Is it just you, or do you have a spouse and children? Are there any pets in the equation? What does transportation look like, and do you have wiggle room here? For example, could you sell a car and trade it for a bike until funds are recouped?

Home minimum living costs

What are your minimum living costs, what are your maximum expenditure thresholds for continued upward financial progression? How do incidentals look, and what kind of recreational budget do you have? Are you a charitable contributor? And what does the mobility situation of your occupation look like? Are you already at the highest level you’ll attain, or is there room for an upward lateral movement?

If you take your time and plot these things out carefully, you can live precisely where you’d like to, rental or not, and retain maximum comfort. Once you’ve identified your needs, you can identify your range of options. If you can augment your needs through internet solutions, you can widen that range.

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