Finding the Right Personalized Gifts for Mom

Let’s hear it for the moms, the ammas, mamas, mommies, mothers, and step-moms.

Often busy, sometimes impatient, but always there with a hug, cuddles, and sound advice.

All moms are hard-working, soft-hearted mama bears ready to protect and care for their babies forever. They deserve to be spoilt on Mother’s Day!

If you are struggling to find ideas for what to gift on Mother’s Day, today is your lucky day! Read below for some ideas of what you can do to surprise your mom. Show her how much you appreciate her being in your life.

Buy her a little something special

There are many options online where you can get personalized gifts for mom! Here we will run through some presents that are not ordinary; and that people may not consider.

1. Day experiences

Rather than buying some trinkets that will be hidden behind some books consider booking something that she would never expect!

Maybe a spa day or water park. Perhaps even something more extreme like a trip in a hot air balloon or zip-lining through a forest.

2. Perfume

A lot of ladies are interested in perfume and other beauty products. Make it a different experience by involving your mom’s senses and encouraging her to create a personal fragrance.

Not only is this one of the personalized gifts for mom she will love, but you can also join her and spend quality time with her while she enjoys this activity.

3. Something she won’t allow herself

Sometimes moms make sacrifices and forego buying themselves something nice, opting to buy something for their kids instead.

Ask around and surprise your mom by buying that little something yourself. Show her that you listen to her, and want her to be happy on Mother’s Day.

Make her a little something special

There is only one rule to gift-giving, for anyone, and that is: give with an open heart.

Personalized gifts for mom can also mean personally made! Including a name on a pillow may be aesthetic, but it lacks that personal touch that shows how well you know her.

Here are some things you can do yourself to put a personal spin on your gift.

1. Involve the kids

If you are at home and have little ones that need keeping busy, employ them, and help them make some cards for mom to show their appreciation.

They will get a creative task to do, you will bond with them, and the result will delight their mom and put a smile on her face.

There are molding kits out, where using your kid’s hand-prints, you can build cute keepsakes and decorations that will let mom remember how little her babies were even when they are grown up.

2. Make it a hamper

This gift is a unique way to show how much you care about your mom, and it only requires a box.

There are many types of hampers you can create, so here are some ideas:

  • Food Hamper: full of treats that your mom enjoys; biscuits, fruits, tea, or coffee.
  • Self-care Hamper: filled with shampoos, soaps, face masks, and other necessities for a relaxing day of taking care of yourself.
  • Boozy Hamper: make things interesting by filling a hamper with various exotic flavored alcohol bottles.

3. Gift your time

If you are strapped for money, don’t worry! Time is just as valuable as any gift.

Allow your mom to get some rest for the day and instead take on her role:

  • Clean the house
  • Make dinner for the family
  • Do some laundry
  • Walk the dog

A lot of work goes into keeping a home happy so show how much you appreciate your mom by doing what she does every day.


As you can see, there are many personalized gifts for moms out there. Adapt them to your situation and create a unique gift for your mom to show how much love and respect you have for her.

Whether it is something you spend money on or something, you create it will be a sure hit!

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