Five Things Free Spotify Users Need To Take Advantage Of On Spotify App

Spotify is a unique and evolving music streaming app which is taking the world by storm. Music artists and musicians have found a platform to grow and invest their music talent. The app has millions of active users and listeners visiting the site daily. Spotify is never constant but introduces new features to keep users and audiences entertained.

Spotify app allows any user to upload and compose a playlist where followers can play their favorite songs from particular artists. All artists receive equal chances on the site; however, they need to work extra hard and smart to obtain more followers. Artists who need to grow their follower base can buy Spotify followers and increase their app chances.

Spotify has introduced a new free version app, where many existing and new users get the latest, improved ad-supported tier.  The app has exclusive personalized features and an easy user interface. Users can select their favorite music and also discover new songs. Users should try the elements in the unique Spotify free experience.

1- Taste onboarding

The new free Spotify app works according to the user’s music taste. Once the user downloads and signs in to the free app. The app prompts one to select the best artists (five or more) from the list provided.  On choosing the artist, the system automatically learns your favorite artists, songs, and genres.  The app will make an excellent playlist just for you. The app will also customize your home screen with different music for easy access and discovery.  The more you listen to new songs, the better the app learns your favorites and provides further recommendations and artists.

2- Enjoy the on-demand playlist

The first taste onboarding features offer details about the user; the app uses the data to present a new 15 personalized and curated playlist. The playlist is based on your favorite music and how you stream it from Spotify.  The new free version has the best music for all users providing what the user demands. From the app, users can get Discover Weekly, Rap Caviar to Broken Hearth, and six daily mixes. The music is modified to update frequently according to how you listen to the playlist.

The user has the privilege to listen to what they like and skip as many songs as they wish. After the app gets what the user likes, it will update you’re Discover weekly every Monday and provide a Radar every Friday. The change frequency is determined by how you listen to the songs. If you are running a Spotify playlist and want to boost your audience then you can buy Spotify playlist plays here.

3- Discover new music with an assisted playlist

Users can make their favorite playlist using easy steps or features. Enter the title of the song and then select the music. The system will also provide several pieces to add to the playlist. The app displays songs based on artists in the playlist, your favorite songs, and the title. Select the best songs according to your taste and add them to the playlist.

4- Use customized hiding tools

The new free version app has the best streaming experience for users. It is customized with new like and hides tabs. The tabs assist the user in selecting the music they love giving the app the type of music taste you like when listening to your music tab which you “like” (heart icon) and tap on “hide” if you don’t want the sing on your list.

5- Use of Data server

Data usage during music streaming is relatively high, thus deterring users from playing the songs. The new Spotify free version has a data server to help minimize data usage.  The app uses less data when streaming music, switch on the data serve button whenever you’re listening to music from Spotify’s new free version.

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