Five Ways to Live a Socially Conscious Lifestyle

More and more people are appreciating what it means to live a socially conscious lifestyle. This simple yet rewarding way of life enables people to be more positive in the way they interact with others and leave a legacy in the world.

Being socially conscious encourages people to see beyond their personal interests and find ways to help others. The great thing about social consciousness is that anyone can develop it. The following are five practical ways to live a socially conscious lifestyle.

Communicate with Kindness

The internet and social media have made it very easy for anyone to communicate and share their thoughts on a global platform. This makes it increasingly important for people to be more sensitive in the way they express themselves online and in real life. To be socially conscious means being aware of the plight of others, and this awareness should elicit compassion.

Whether it’s a five-hundred-word blog post or a much-shorter Facebook status, one needs to pause for a few minutes and ask whether they are being socially conscious in the way they are using communication platforms.

Be Informed

Keeping up-to-date with current events is an important first step if one wants to be socially conscious. When people read the news or learn about the alarming problems that other countries face, they are challenged to see beyond their selfish needs. It prevents people from feeling isolated from the bigger issues plaguing humanity.

Being informed also gives people perspective and lets them be more grateful for the simple things, like having clean drinking water or safe shelter, which other people in less privileged parts of the world may not have.

Engage with Others

Giving undivided attention is a simple yet very effective way to get to know the struggles of other people. Ian Maclaren once said, “Be pitiful, for every man is fighting a hard battle.” Empathy requires practice, and one of the easiest ways to practice being empathetic is by genuinely engaging with others. Social isolation is not healthy for anyone, and it is not conducive to a socially conscious lifestyle.

By listening without judgment to the problems of their loved ones, people become more compassionate because they can see what that other person is going through. Actively engaging with others also fosters meaningful connections, and it opens healthy communication.

Help Out in the Community

Many studies have documented the rewards of volunteering. Whether it is in a local shelter or in an international charity foundation, volunteering is a rare opportunity to see and address the needs of other people around the world. So go that extra mile, volunteer, and get involved in, for example, community fundraising events.

You can even start your very own fundraiser. For example, a Candle fundraiser to raise funds for your local parish church would be a great start. This will help foster and strengthen your relationships in the community.

Fortunately, internet technology has made it easier to mobilize community work and involve anyone around the world in a good cause. Now anyone can host a fund-raising campaign through social media or sell clothes online and use the proceeds to support advocacy.

Build a Positive Social Circle

People who associate with toxic and self-centered friends will find it very difficult to cultivate a socially conscious way of life. Social consciousness is a mindset, and it is not always easy to practice this outlook, especially in a world that encourages self-obsession and selfish pursuits. This is why it is important to have a supportive group of friends who share the same positive values.

At the End of It All . . .

It takes all sorts to make the world. People have different values and belief systems, which is why it is all the more essential to be conscious of one’s own actions, speech, and thoughts.

Exercise being self-critical and introspective and always bear in mind that you share this planet with billions of other people. What you do and what you say may have an impact on those around you.

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