Five Ways to Cook Outside

Is there anything better than cooking outside? There’s something different about making food and eating it outdoors. It connects with that primal part of ourselves that yearns to hunt, gather, put food over the fire, and dig right in. The modern world is far from our roots, but we can cook and eat outside in more ways than you think. Whether you’re going for a full-fledged kitchen or just want to make smores over the fire, here are five great ways to cook outside.


Every backyard needs a barbecue. Whether you can afford to put in a fancy gas barbecue station or simply put some meat over charcoal, a barbecue is a great place to start. There are plenty of things to cook for the perfect barbecue. You can cook delicious meat like steaks and burgers, roast vegetables, and even boil beans. Barbecues aren’t just great for making some dinner, they are a magnet for friends and family to come over and enjoy some food and company. You won’t regret putting a barbecue in your backyard. It is the perfect thing for every house.

A Fireplace

You can also cook over a fireplace. Whether you just want to cook some hot dogs or cook a full meal over an open fire, there isn’t a simpler way to feed yourself. Not only is a fireplace a great venue for roasting marshmallows and sharing campfire stories, but it also has a variety of uses. It will enable you to cook meat or roast peppers. You can make smores. You can eat hot dogs. While you might not think of it right away, a fireplace is perfect for cooking. It will allow you to share meaningful times with friends and family by sharing a laugh, stories, maybe a song, and some food cooked directly over the fire.

Outdoor Countertop

Whether you are cooking, making a salad, or putting together something uncooked like ceviche, an outdoor kitchen countertop lets you take it outside. Not only does an outdoor countertop provide you with functional space to prepare food, but it also creates a centerpiece around which you, your friends, and your family can gather. And you don’t even need to be cooking. Chop some fruit for your guests, whip up a salad, or slice some high-quality sashimi. Whatever you’re doing or making, an outdoor countertop will come in handy.

 A Stove

If you want to take things to the next level, you can put in a stove outside. This will give you the ability to cook just about anything outdoors. If you have an outdoor countertop, you will prep and cook outside but you can also prep indoors and take out your ingredients. The best part is that you can talk with your friends, family, and other guests while they relax in your backyard. It doesn’t matter what you’re cooking, putting in a stove outdoors will change the game.

Pizza Oven

While you might think this is a step too far, you won’t know the satisfaction of having your pizza oven. You can even build one yourself. When you have the money and space, why wouldn’t you? You won’t just be able to make amazing pizzas, the oven can be used for a wide variety of foods. This is a perfect party method for cooking that will impress just about anyone. You’ll never want to go out for pizza or get delivery again. Instead, you will be on your way to becoming a full-fledged pizza chef.

Some of the most joyful experiences are when you cook and eat outside. You are usually around friends and family, trusted loved ones, and an array of things to enjoy. Crack open a cold beer or pour some wine, talk to your guests, and get cooking outside. You will be connecting with that part of yourself that yearns to eat outdoors with the wind in your hair and the sun on your face.

Whatever your situation, home, and income level, there are many ways to cook outside and truly enjoy all that life has to offer. What are you waiting for? Life is too short not to eat outside.

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