Flatbed Trailer Buying Guide: What You Need To Know

Buying a flatbed trailer is a big investment, and you want to ensure you make the right choice. This is a quick guide meant to steer you in the right direction. Going through some of these may take some time, but patience is your friend when you’re going to spend this much cash.


Considering Width

It’s important to pay attention to the width of your flatbed. Some are more narrow than others. Those who need a flatbed to transport things like landscaping material or other similar material will need something narrow. This is necessary so that the items are safer. Those who need to transport large vehicles such as forklifts or other similar vehicles will need something wide.


Flatbed Size Needs

One thing you have to figure out before you make a decision is what size you need. There are many sizes available, and each size helps with specific needs. For example, a standard flatbed, as explained by the experts at Hale Trailer, “..can handle loads up to 8’6″ inches high. The standard flatbed’s main deck is five feet high.” Try to find out how tall your loads will be, and let that information guide you when looking for new flatbed trailers for sale.



Make sure the flatbed you’re thinking of purchasing can handle the type of security you need. The benefit of owning a flatbed is that you will be able to transport oversized or odd-sized items without a problem. Sometimes, you’ll want to secure these items, and your flatbed needs to be able to accommodate that, which is why having security latches could be important. You’ll need these if you’re going to be using security straps for your cargo.


Thinking of Types

The next thing you have to consider is the type of flatbed you need. For example, if you know your cargo is heavy, you may need to look into a lowboy flatbed. The clearance for these types of flatbeds is low, so you are going to have some limitations regarding the roads you’ll be able to drive on. At least you’ll be able to handle these loads. There are also tipper flatbeds that help load and unload the trailer, which should make your job easier.


Price Range

You need to know your limitations when you’re looking for a flatbed. You may be tempted to purchase a flatbed with all the bells and whistles you think you need, but that’s not always possible. Sometimes, folks stretch their wallets to deal with rare needs, like if you need an oversized flatbed every blue moon. Just because you need something special every so often, doesn’t mean you need to spend money on it. You can always rent a specialized flatbed to deal with rare occasions.

These are all the things you should keep in mind when you’re buying a flatbed. Try to take your time as you consider these points, and you’ll find the right trailer for you.

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