Foolproof Ways to Manage Noise Disturbance at Home

You come back home after a very long day at work, and you’re just dying for some peace and quiet. You sit down, prepare a meal, and get ready to watch TV, only to have your neighbor blasting heavy metal on his stereo and accidents happening down the street

You come back home after a very long day at work, and you’re just dying for some peace and quiet. You sit down, prepare a meal, and get ready to watch TV, only to have your neighbor blasting heavy metal on his stereo and accidents happening down the street. It feels like a universe-led conspiracy against your sanity, where all hell breaks loose, and the noise starts coming from everywhere just when you needed rest the most. This is why you should control the noise level at your home, whether it’s to avoid noisy neighbors or to avoid disturbance coming from your own house.

These foolproof ways will help you manage noise disturbance at home.

Cover surfaces

A guaranteed way to minimize the noise level coming from everywhere is by covering surfaces and filling empty spaces to reduce the disturbance. The best way to start is with a rug, and it’s your easiest and most reliable approach. You have many options to choose from. You could go with cotton rugs because they’re extremely chic and give a delightful touch to the room. Or you could go with Persian rugs, which have unique floral patterns that are easily recognizable. In any case, carpets are a sure way to dampen the noise coming from adjacent apartments/houses or your downstairs neighbors.

The windows

Many people miss out on the importance of windows when it comes to letting noise inside. This is why you have to consider what kind of windows you have, because if they’re thin, poor models, then you’ll definitely need some heavy drapes. You’d be surprised how effective drapes can be in protecting your rooms from any noise coming in through a weak window. So, in these cases, always opt for heavier drapes with lining, like velvet or wool, that absorb noise. If you know your colors, they could also add a chic touch to the place.

protecting rooms from noise


This might either be your last option or first, depending on how desperate you are and how much money you want to spend. In any case, soundproofing is perhaps the best option out there to manage the noise levels at your home. Specialists differ on methodology, although a quick scan of A Quiet Refuge proves that there are several ways to soundproof your home according to your budget, and the cheapest approach would have to be acoustic panels. They’re basically open-celled soundproofing foams that work to dampen the noise level in the house. They’re usually made of polyester, polyether, or extruded melamine. Acoustic panels work by increasing the air resistance against incoming noise, which makes them a great option for soundproofing. The great thing about them is you’ll find plenty of different options on the market that vary in size, design, and price.

There are also panels made of fiberglass, which is another excellent material for soundproofing. These work by creating friction between the fibers and air which causes a loss in energy, and hence dampened sound.

Block common spaces

Let’s say there’s a common wall shared between you and your neighbor, and they’re making some pretty awful noise. One way to deal with that is to cover that wall with a nifty piece of furniture, like a bookcase or closet, for example. This will help significantly reduce the noise and dampen whatever is coming from the neighbor’s side. If you fill the bookcase with books and the closet with clothes, the noise would be reduced even further, because sound needs space to propagate, and you’d be insulating the space between the two of you with natural insulators like towels, books, linen, and so on.

Make use of the space

If you have a large space, try dividing it in order to make less room for the sound to travel. You could install walls to act as insulators between different spaces around your home. With the right design, you can actually come up with some creative ideas. Some people add bookcases to divide the room and add an awesome aesthetic effect. Consider dividers with extravagant designs that act as great decorations as well.

You should also try adding plants to separate areas –– plants are known to deflect noise, in addition to their natural function of cleaning the air. When placed strategically, they can make a world of difference. And who doesn’t enjoy a little greenery indoors, right?

Take care of special rooms

Sometimes the source of the noise is in your own house, and you also need to manage that because it can be as equally disturbing as anything coming from the outside. It’s a safe bet your washing machine and dryer are responsible for some unholy noise throughout the day. Or maybe you have a child whose musical instrument of choice is just too extreme. So, why not soundproof that particular room? It would make things a lot easier for you, and you’ll have protected both your sanity and that of the neighbors.

Green solutions

Pro tip: go for energy-efficient home appliances; they are always quieter than the usual ones. Most machines that run on renewable energy tend to make much less noise, whether it’s because the compressor of that energy-efficient fridge switches on and off according to temperature, or that motor in your new washing machine uses less power, hence less noise. Either way, you’d be doing yourself a favor by going green. More importantly, using those, you’d also be helping the environment by using energy-efficient solutions that reduce carbon emissions.

New innovations come about all the time in regards to soundproofing your place, and you should keep yourself informed because you’ll probably find a thing or two that might work wonders when it comes to limiting noise pollution. It’s fairly simple really; just try to isolate where the noise disturbance is coming from, and counteract that. If it’s coming from the outside, block the source. If it’s coming from your own place, come up with a plan to minimize the noise by soundproofing certain rooms where the high noise level is coming from.


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