Four Big-Screen Classics Enjoying a New Lease of Life as Online Slots

There are few things in life quite as satisfying as settling down on the sofa with a big bowl of popcorn and pressing play on one of your favorite movies.

However, if endlessly quoting the same iconic lines or seeing the same action sequences play out is getting a bit too much, you might be keen to discover a new way to experience the classics. Fortunately, the world of casino gaming may be able to help in that regard.

Classics Enjoying a New Lease of Life as Online Slots

A dominant theme

Slot games have always embraced a range of styles through the years and that trend is something that has continued since they made the move online. History, fantasy, literature, and music are all used as the basis of online slots, but one of the most dominant themes in recent times has been new experiences based on major movies.

For example, one of the first things you notice on a visit to Betfair is how, in terms of casino slots, the new games that have emerged in the past few years include many based on big-screen franchises. But what are the best-known film favorites to have successfully made the switch into the world of online slots? Here we have picked out three of the best that you might want to have a go on shortly.

1. Top Gun

Released in 1986, Top Gun was a huge hit and it is finally set to get a much-anticipated sequel in the next few months with Tom Cruise returning to the cockpit.

The original movie features countless classic moments and it has been adapted into an online slot by Playtech. The developer outlined in its announcement on the game how it includes several elements of gameplay inspired by the blockbuster, including a Dog Fight Wilds feature which sees a jet fire missiles into the reels.

2. Grease

Few movies are quite as iconic as this 1978 classic, which is easily among the best-loved big-screen musicals of all time.

The online slot based on the movie was created by Daub Games and features the same 1950s style that the Hollywood hit is renowned for. Images of a host of characters from the movie also appear across the game’s reels.

3. Batman Begins

While The Dark Knight is probably the most famous movie in the trilogy of Batman films created by director Christopher Nolan, his first Caped Crusader adventure set the tone for everything that came afterward.

As with the Top Gun game, the slot inspired by Batman Begins was created by Playtech. The game also features the likenesses of all of the movie’s best-known characters, including Gary Oldman’s Jim Gordon and – of course – Christian Bale’s acclaimed take on both Bruce Wayne and the Dark Knight.

4. The Matrix

The Matrix is another famous Hollywood name that is set to get a new lease of life in the coming months, as Variety confirmed last August that a new chapter of the story has been given the green light.

The online slot based on the franchise is another Playtech creation and it features a host of iconography inspired by the much-loved science-fiction adventure series.

Plenty more to discover

The online slots above are great examples of how developers have been able to skilfully use different movies as the basis for quality gaming experiences. However, they are far from the only big-screen hits to get the treatment.

If you’re seeking a new way to enjoy an old favorite, diving into the world of online slots could well be a great option.

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