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Frame Scrapbooking Thanksgiving

A big part of scrapbooking as a hobby is to utilize different tools to make your pages look great, so when looking for a frame scrapbooking Thanksgiving, choose the one that best evokes the memories of the holiday and the photo that frame will hold.  Frame scrapbooking Thanksgiving gives you many choices that will give you pages a unique look that will express everything that you are thinking and feeling at the time and then you will be able to remember as you look through the book you have created.

Look around in many places to find frame scrapbooking Thanksgiving.  You can find frames of different shapes and sizes online, in scrap book stores, and discount stores like Wal-Mart.  Since you will have lots of different pictures on your page, you will need lots of different frames.  We mentioned you can find frames online which is something that is relatively new to the craft.  There are scrapping web sites that have all sorts of scrapbooking tools available for download that you can print out on your home printer.


The key to printing out your scrapbooking supplies is to make sure you use the right paper.  It needs to be acid-free paper so that your photos do not get damaged over a period of time.  Age can cause photos to fade and even become damaged.  When you use a paper that is not acid-free, you risk ruining your photos and ultimately losing them forever.

Be creative when it comes to framing scrapbooking Thanksgiving because it is your originality that makes your scrap pages so special.  Framing your photos can be anything you choose including stickers, cardboard frames, even leaves or dryer lint if you want!  I like to use glue and glitter to make frames around my photos because it makes them look very “blingy” and unique.  You are only limited by your imagination, so go crazy when making a frame scrapbooking Thanksgiving.


Scrapping is very therapeutic for many people and you can really get the chance to express exactly who you are and how you feel about certain events that happen in your life.  Holidays are the perfect time to experiment with scrapbooking, so look for ways to frame scrapbooking Thanksgiving in ways that others would not even think of.  Then when you pull out your scrapbooks, you will have something you can truly be proud of which is all your own creation!

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