From Body Spray to Perfume: Discover Which Types of Fragrance Fit Your Style

Did you know that the perfume industry is valued at over $40 billion? In the United States, the sale of fragrances comes out to about $4 billion each year. 28% of perfume sales come out of Western Europe.

The types of fragrances sold around the world are so varied that the number has increased by almost 400% in the last 20 years. New perfumes and colognes are introduced constantly, about 100 per year.

While everyone has their tastes when it comes to types of fragrances, some of the most popular scents are florals. These perfumes make up about a third of the seasonal sales.

There are many kinds of fragrances and scents. Keep reading to learn more about them and which ones suit you best.

Eau Fraiche Is the Body Spray of Perfumes

When learning about different fragrance types you’ll come across some French names that might sound a little confusing but we’re here to clarify what they all mean. In learning about these different types of scents, you’re more likely to figure out which is the best option for you.

First up is Eau Fraiche which translates to freshwater. Like most body sprays, this type of fragrance has the smallest amount of perfume oils, somewhere around 1-3%. This makes these types of fragrances cheaper than most.

Eau Fraiche only lasts about 3 hours on your skin but the scent can be extended if sprayed on your clothing. This type of fragrance is very light and fresh and is best for those who want a very subtle scent.

Eau De Cologne

Eau de Cologne stands for water from perfume if you’re translating word for word. What this means is that this type of fragrance is a watered-down version of the perfume, containing somewhere between 2-6% of perfume concentrate.

An Eau de Cologne will last about 4 hours but like an Eau Fraiche, it’ll last longer on your clothes. These fragrances are also very light and are best used for a daytime refresher. A lot of colognes are targeted toward men and can be used as aftershaves but there are also many women’s fragrances listed under the Eau de Cologne label.

Eau De Toilette Can Help You Save

An Eau de Toilette is one of the most popular types of fragrances and may fit your needs best. It falls in the middle of fragrance types and concentrations, not as watered down as an Eau Fraiche but not as concentrated as a perfume.

An Eau de Toilette has somewhere between 5-15% of perfume concentrate. It’s typically very affordable if staying under a certain budget is important to you.

The scent will last about 6 hours on your skin and up to 10 hours on your clothing. Since this fragrance is not meant to last too long it’s best for daytime use.

Eau De Perfume Will Last a Little Longer

An Eau de Perfume has a higher concentration of perfume essential oils than the other fragrances listed so far, about 15-20%. You can expect to have the scent on your skin for up to 10 hours and 16 hours on your clothes.

Since an Eau de Perfume lasts longer than most other fragrances, it does tend to be higher in cost. It’s worth the price however as you won’t need to reapply as often.

An Eau de Perfume is a stronger scent and not intended for those who prefer something lighter and more subtle. It works best for use during nights out.

Perfume Will Last the Longest

Perfume is the purest form of a fragrance. It also has the highest level of concentrated perfume essential oils, between 15-40%. Since perfume has such a high concentration of essential oils it will last longer than any other fragrance type, about 12 hours on your skin and well over a day on your clothing.

Since perfumes have such longevity and are so purely concentrated, they tend to be on the more expensive side. If you want a strong scent that will last all day though, investing in a perfume you like is worth every penny.

If you like to wear perfume but don’t necessarily want to spend a lot of money on a new fragrance, you’ll be pleased to hear that bargain-priced perfumes are available for sale in many places.

You’ll be able to find cheap perfumes online or during seasonal sales. All of your favorite brands are available for incredible prices if you do a little research.

Does a Floral Scent Fit You Best?

Discovering the type of fragrance you want is the first step in finding your perfect perfume or body spray. Whether you like something lighter like an Eau Fraiche or the strong impact of an Eau de Perfume will depend on your personal needs.

Finding the perfect scent is the next step in the process of figuring out the styles that suit you best. Floral scents are popular in the fragrance industry. They are most often targeted towards women but men can enjoy them as well.

If you love to stop and smell the roses and love the beauty of the natural world, this might be the fragrance style for you. The combinations within a floral scent are also quite diverse, you might choose the fresh scent of lilies. You might opt for the softer florals instead, these are typically characterized by powdery or creamy notes.

Gourmand Scents Bring Out Your Inner Child

Your sense of smell has a strong connection to both memory and emotion. This is why 75% of your emotions come from the smells you encounter. Certain scents can make you happier, others can make you more productive, and some can elicit nostalgia.

Gourmand scents capture nostalgia perfectly by taking you back to the sweet scents that remind you of your childhood. While gourmand scents fall under the family of floral scents because of their powdery notes, they stand on their own and are truly unique.

Think about a visit to the candy shop and being washed over with sweet vanilla or warm sugar. These happy and warm scents are the perfect women’s fragrance to get for the ladies in your life.

Fruit Is the Perfect Party Scent

A category in the floral family, fruity scents are light but powerful. Think about walking into a farmer’s market and smelling all the fresh fruit, feelings of happiness fill you up.

Fruit scents are vibrant and cheery and best for those heading out for a fun time. If you like to attend a good party now and then, this fragrance type will suit you perfectly.

The Woody Scent Is Perfect for Men’s Fragrance

When you think about woody perfumes, you’ll be immediately transported to the outdoors. Woody fragrances are characterized by things like cedarwood or oakmoss.

You’ll also smell notes of smokiness or leather in many of these fragrances. This is why the woody category is the perfect men’s fragrance.

The dry and sharp nature of these types of fragrances characterizes the independent spirit of the person. Although targeted at men, this style of fragrance can work for the strong women in your life as well.

Oriental Scents Can Bring Out Your Exotic Side

If you’re more in touch with the exotic and embrace what’s different, oriental fragrances might match your style best. On the drier side, these scents are characterized by incense and herbs.

The oriental category is also characterized by different spices making it a bold scent to use. Anise is a common note used in oriental scents. This strong scent works great for a date night out on the town.

Smell Fresh All Day

The fresh category of fragrances is light and bright and works best for summer days. They are often characterized by citrus, green scents, or water.

Citrus scents like those with notes of grapefruit or orange will liven up any day and evoke the energy you need for a day full of fun and free of worries.

Water scents are light and fresh and perfect for the easy-going spirit. If you love a day at the beach, those rainy days sitting on the porch, or the smell of grass after a storm, then these light and subtle scents are perfect for you.

These Types of Fragrance Will Make You Stand Out

Many different types of fragrances will fit your particular style. Different concentrations are lighter while others are stronger. The families of scents ranging from floral to oriental can help you stand apart from the crowd.

This guide can help you discover which scents you might like best. Make sure you check out some of our other guides to learn more.

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