You Cruise, You Never Lose: 5 Fun Activities You Can Only Do on Cruise Ships

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Cruising can be a great way to take the stress of planning a holiday away. You don’t have to worry about finding places to eat, booking hotels, or even planning what you are going to do and see in every port of call. But did you also know there are a ton of great and fun cruise ship activities to help keep you entertained while onboard?

Here are five fun things you can do while out on the open sea.

1- See a Show

Many cruise ships, especially the bigger ones, have huge theaters and showcase everything from Broadway hits to concerts by some of the biggest names in show business to great stand up comics. On top of this, they also have original productions to match Cirque du Soleil. So, you could see a different show every night if you wanted to and never see the same thing twice.

2- Try Your Luck

If shows aren’t your thing, why not hit up the casino most cruise ships have? Whether you want to try your hand at blackjack or maybe craps, you can spend an evening or two hanging out with Lady Luck, hoping she is on your side. Or, if you are feeling particularly suave, you could spend the evening playing baccarat and pretending you are in a Bond film.

3- Party the Night Away

You can also spend the night dancing away with all the friends you make on the ship. Or, if dancing isn’t your thing, why not try out one of the many cocktail bars to see what the award-winning bartenders are mixing up for you to enjoy? You can also hit up one of the many theme parties and pretend you are in a different time or place to make your trip just a little more exotic.

4- Hit the Slides

Maybe you are looking for something the whole family can do during the day to pass the time as you sail to the next port. So, head to the waterslides and splash into pools after whooshing on slides suspended way above the deck and with fantastic views of the ocean. Plus, many cruises also keep them open at night so guests can watch the stars as they take the plunge.

5- When All Else Fails, Try a Little Self Care

Not every moment of every day on vacation has to be full of adventure and partying. Taking a little time to be pampered can be an ideal way to spend a day. Thankfully, most cruise ships these days have a full spa on them.

This means you can get a massage, mani/Pedi, or just enjoy some time in a sauna to help carry the stresses of everyday life away. Or, if you are feeling particularly decadent, you can do it several times.

Plenty of Cruise Ship Activities to Keep You Busy

These are just a few cruise ship activities to do onboard. There are plenty of other ways to stay entertained and have fun. All you have to do is find the ones that appeal to you.

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