Top 7 Fun and Educational Games for a Whole Family

Nowadays, given how much time we all spend cooped up and behind our screens, many will agree that some good old entertainment is in order. Well then, how about a family game night? Games provide a superb activity to get the whole crew together, interact, argue over the rules, and have lots of fun. They can be very educational, too! 

So, in that spirit of reacquainting you with quality family time, here are our 7 top picks for games that combine learning with endless hours of leisure. Let the fun begin!


This first board game is geared towards parents with kids aged 4 to 8 and is a great way to help your toddler practice their sight words, speed, and coordination by using words and pictures. The principle is straightforward; much like traditional bingo, the Zingo box will display 2 sight words at a time, and players must find a match and place it on their board as quickly as possible.

The first person who fills their entire board and yells out “Zingo!” wins. It incorporates formal learning (word recognition, spelling, vocabulary) within easy and fun gameplay.


Taboo is a classic among players of all ages and backgrounds and is guaranteed to boost your resourcefulness and problem-solving abilities. It’s generally played in teams or pairs. A player from one team picks a card, which will have a word on top. Without using any of the taboo words listed below, the challenge is to make their teammates guess that top word in a limited amount of time. You’ve got to think on your feet and think out of the side! It’s not easy trying to explain “carrot” without mentioning “vegetable”, “orange”, “root”, “bugs bunny”, or “eyesight”, so be sure to give it a try for a good dose of fun.


Scrabble isn’t just for idle seniors in nursing homes trying to kill some time. This game is so iconic it even has its tournaments; it’s also an effective, proven way to sharpen your spelling and build vocabulary. Each player (usually 4) is dealt 7 letters to start and must form words on a board that contains double-letter, double-word, and triple-letter squares for additional gains.

The goal is to collect the most points. Now, while it can be difficult to unscramble letters for the uninitiated, you’re bound to find a tool online that helps you figure out your possible combinations and the highest-scoring entries. This should be great practice for your next family tournament and help bring out your competitive edge!


What good is knowing stuff if we can’t show off how cultured we are from time to time? Scattergories is a knowledge-mobilization game where players must fill their cards with corresponding answers for giving categories (countries, movies, animals, etc.). A player rolls the dice to determine a letter, after which it’s a race for everyone to write down as many words as possible before the sand timer runs out. You earn points whenever another player hasn’t filled a category that you did. This fast-paced game is an all-time favorite among families.

Explore the World

Involving up to 6 players, this board game helps teach toddlers about world geography, and flags and helps them develop their comprehension skills. As the name suggests, participants will journey through the globe by reading and answering questions. Explore the World is a fun game to learn about fun facts and grow their knowledge about both the natural and man-made world. A great way to introduce your children to the world from the comfort of your own home!

The Socially Speaking Game

It’s no secret that having good etiquette and strong communication skills are valuable assets in the modern world. Suitable for kids aged 8 and above, the game puts players in social situations and challenges them to find ways how to react and deal with them appropriately. The Socially Speaking Game is a very popular education product for children with autism and is a great way to responsibilize younger ones about manners, morals, emotional management, and more.


As one of the most popular board games of all time, Monopoly, is an absolute classic. It’s essentially a social strategy game where players advance around a board buying property, hotels, and homes, and paying utilities using fake money. Owners will also collect rent when someone lands on their property. The objective is to buy everyone out. A game of Monopoly will build great player engagement, strike conversations, and teach toddlers about basic money management and capitalism. This beloved game has several versions including a junior one and continues to be enjoyed by millions around the world.

Monopoly Family Game

What better way to gather all members of the family for a good dose of fun, laughter, and learning than an old-fashioned board game? They’re making a noticeable comeback and will surely be the perfect way to lay off the screens while spending quality time and imparting useful knowledge to your little ones.

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