5 Fun Hen Party Ideas on a Budget

Planning a hen party on a budget? Here are 5 fun hen party ideas when money is tight.

Every year, folks in the UK spend nearly five billion pounds on hen parties and stag parties. Are you planning a hen party for a friend or family member? Is your budget, shall we say, less than five billion pounds?

If this is the case, you can still have a great party. Read on for five hen party ideas that are perfect for those working with tight budgets.

1- Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a fun and affordable way for you and your group to get out and celebrate the future bride. Create clues that are centered around the bride-to-be’s favorite activities or fun memories that you all have with her. End the night for a few drinks at her favorite bar or dinner at her favorite restaurant.

2- Old-fashioned sleepover

If your hen party group includes lots of childhood friends, why not take a trip down memory lane and have an old-fashioned sleepover to celebrate the bride-to-be? You can make the event as nostalgic as you want. You could even encourage everyone to wear their favorite pajamas from when they were kids or bring a treat or game that they loved to play back in the day.

3- At-Home Cocktail Night

Want something a little more grown-up? Want to make your sleepover a bit more exciting? Why not bring some cocktail-making into the evening to spice it up?

Buy the ingredients needed to make the future bride’s favorite cocktail and have everyone learn how to make it. You could also learn how to make a new drink that no one’s ever tried before.

4- At-Home Spa Night

You could also host an at-home spa night. This is a great way to pamper the bride-to-be, as well as her friends and family members while catching up and chatting about what the future holds.

Purchase some fun face masks, creams, or other skin care products for everyone to experiment with, as well as bottles of nail polish for manicures and pedicures. Don’t forget about the food, either. Look for food and beverages that are light and refreshing.

5- Camping Glamping

A lot of men go camping for an affordable stag party. Why not take a page from their books and plan a camping or glamping-themed hen party?

Camping and glamping hen parties give everyone a chance to unplug and reconnect with each other before the big day. You can make them as simple or as luxurious as you want, too, depending on where you stay and the kind of amenities you offer your guests.

Try These Hen Party Ideas Today

As you can see, there are lots of fun hen party ideas out there that don’t cost an arm and a leg. Keep these ideas in mind and present them to the bride-to-be to see which one she likes best.

Do you need more party planning help? If so, we have plenty of other resources for you to check out on our website. Head to the Entertainment section today to learn about some other options.

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