Fun Things to Do Online With Your Kids During the Coronavirus Pandemic

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, parents everywhere are looking for fun things to do online with their kids. Here are some fun ideas to try.

Kids Fun During Coronavirus Pandemic

Is everyone getting serious cabin fever with the pandemic stay-at-home orders?

Lounging at home might sound like a dream, but keeping kids entertained and engaged 24/7 with no outside contact is no easy feat.

Finding fun things to do online with your kids can make a huge difference.

Virtual activities are easy and often free. You don’t have to dig for lots of supplies or create a big mess in your home.

Check out these online options to get started.

Zoom Calls

Kids across the country are becoming Zoom experts with virtual lessons in their classes.

But you can also use the video conferencing software to connect with friends and family now that you can’t get together in person.

Hosting personal Zoom meetings is free, which means anyone can connect.

Your kids can organize friend group chats using Zoom to still feel connected. They can play games or just catch up.

It’s also a safe way to host virtual parties if your child’s birthday happens during the quarantine.

Make it even more fun and pass the time with an engaging activity by creating an online Zoom background to use.

Virtual Field Trips

Is your child going to miss out on field trips this year due to school being virtual?

Because of the pandemic, many museums, national parks, landmarks, and other locations are making virtual tours available.

Instead of just going to a local zoo or museum, your child can go anywhere in the world virtually. You can find virtual field trips for everything from the White House to Mount Everest.

Many views have live streams from animal enclosures, so you can watch how the animals act. Others have special videos showing keepers doing enrichment activities, so you can get a front-row seat to things you might see when visiting the zoo.

Schedule a weekly field trip with your kids. You can do a little research before the online tour to build excitement and make it more educational.

Go to an Amusement Park Virtually

Even though you can’t go to amusement parks, you can experience the rides virtually.

Many amusement parks offer virtual tours of their grounds.

You can also find a huge number of ride videos with a first-person perspective that makes you feel like you’re riding the attractions.

Many theme park YouTube channels offer ride videos for several attractions at parks such as Disney World, Universal Studios, LEGOLAND, and other amusement parks.

You can also catch videos of shows and other attractions at those parks.

Take Online Classes

Is your child interested in art, science, cooking, or yoga?

You can likely find free online classes during the pandemic that fit almost any interest.

Many organizations and businesses are offering virtual classes to keep kids entertained. They can also learn a new skill at the same time.

Choose Fun Things to Do Online

Finding fun things to do online with your kids keeps everyone engaged. The many available online activities are entertaining and often educational, so you can feel good about doing them.

Explore our site for more fun ideas, recommendations, and tips to stay entertained with games during the coronavirus pandemic or anytime.

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