How to Fund a Travel Lifestyle: 15 Answers from Experts

Many people in the world would like to travel a lot more than they currently do but are restricted by many factors. There’s a high chance that you’re one of those. Common factors that people have pointed out are their jobs, family, kids, and most commonly, money. While these are legitimate reasons, they shouldn’t stop you from living the life that you wish for.

There’s a common misconception that traveling is for the rich. This implies that you need a lot of money to travel but this isn’t true. There are easy and cheap ways to travel, see the world, and keep memories in photographs. You don’t need to have $1,000,000 in the bank to fund a travel lifestyle. Many people fund their travel lifestyle by getting paid to travel.

Travel Lifestyle

In this article, we reveal how 15 different travel expert fund their travel lifestyle;

1. Michael: Bemused Backpacker

Michael is a qualified nurse with a passion for traveling. He found a way to combine his vocation and his passion for working part-time. He works and saves up for 5-6 months in a year, and travels for the remaining 6-7 months. Also, he’s an author, published novelist, and blogger. He earns money from his book sales and his bemused backpacker blog to fund his travel lifestyle.

2. Bram: Travel. Experience. Live

Bram is a US-based Belgian that has chosen to explore the world. He works as an author, translator, and freelance travel photographer. He has a website where he posts his travel photos.

According to Bram, he makes some money from his book sales and his blog. But he earns the bulk of his income working as a translator and a freelance travel writer providing the best essay writing service or best paper writing services from essay writing websites, for travelers.

3. Aileen: I Am Aileen

She quit her job to travel around the world at the age of 21. She has become an entrepreneur and has made money from the digital world, offering services like web design, online marketing, and graphics design. Also, she’s a blogger and has won multiple all-expense-paid trips. She launched her online business in 2014 and that’s been her major source of income to date.

4. Vlad: Eff It, I’m On Holiday

Vlad is a Romanian and a part-time traveler who’s passionate about photography, port wine, and tapas. He has a deposit where he saves a percentage of his salary monthly, solely to travel. He estimates how much he will need for his travels and saves the money accordingly.

5. Leif: Runaway Guide

Leif was only 16 years old when he ran away from home to explore the Middle East and Europe without a dime at hand. He has since learned to travel on a budget and convert his blog to business while also working as a tour guide.

6. Jameela: Diary of a serial expat

Jameela is a full-time ESL teacher based in Saudi Arabia. She uses her job as her means of travel. It’s easy to get a job as an ESL teacher, so she applies for ESL jobs in any country she wants to travel to, providing coursework writing services.

7. Simeone and Dan

These lovers met while exploring South America and have continued traveling together. They fund their travels by working full-time and sacrificing in many ways including social events and some basic things at home. They save 6-12 months to travel for over 6 months without working.

8. Laura and Tanbay: The Traveling Weasels

This couple funds their travel by affiliate and advertising links on their blog and also receiving free tips. They’re also freelancers. They translate German/ English and also teach English online. Also, they started providing writing services like paper writers’ reviews for AssignmentGeek or Dissertation Today and have since written and sold e-books both related and unrelated to travel.

9. Joao: Nomad Revelations

Joao started exploring the world very early and has now traveled to over 110 countries. He makes his travel money from his website and another online freelance service that he offers travel-related companies.

10. Kristie: Venga, Vale, and Vamos

Kristie lives in Sydney and works as a digital marketer and travel blogger. She worked as an English teacher in Spain where she saved enough money to fund her travels now. She continues to save money for traveling and working as a digital market specialist in Australia.

11. Hugo and Cristina: Breath with us.

The London-based Portuguese couple both work full-time in the software industry. Their quest to see the best cultural and natural destinations in the world has them saving up from their earnings to travel. Even as full-time workers, they spend one-third of the year traveling.

12. Kathryn: Travel with Kat

Kathryn has a background in psychology and zoology. She’s a lover of nature and sustainable tourism. She works long hours on her blog and gets the return and most of her travels are now through campaigns and press trips.

13. Amanda: Simply Sojourns

Amanda is a full-time worker who saves money to travel from her everyday life. She and her self-employed husband save money for their daily living, and also by searching for cheap flights, traveling off-season, and also securing accommodation abroad using Airbnb.

14. Natasha: The Boho Chica

She started with a career in finance where she used her savings to sponsor her travels before she became a freelance writer, social media consultant, and blogger. She works on social media campaigns and creates content for brands.

15. Federico: Mai Travel Site

Federico has lived in different countries including the US, Belgium, Australia, and Spain. He’s a freelancer, an online business entrepreneur, and a travel blogger. His online business includes paid membership websites, internet marketing consultants, website designs, sponsored posts, etc. He funds his travels from these numerous streams of income.

These fifteen experts have proved that a person can attain financial independence while traveling the world and you don’t have to have millions to do so. A resume writer and essay writer may decide to travel the world easily. What’s important is having a stable source of income.

It may be from part-time, full-time jobs, or blogging. Just have a job that allows you time, and enough money to save for your travel. Providing a dissertation writing services review doesn’t hinder you either. Just get your travel accessories ready.


Funding a travel lifestyle would require that you save from your income, even at the expense of your daily life at times, as some of these travelers have shown. If you want to travel the world, some savings and a little adjustment to your daily living shouldn’t be a problem. You should also look out for other means to reduce costs like searching for cheap flights and traveling off-season.


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