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Future of AI in Digital Marketing

How AI is Shaping Our Current Ecosystem

In 2020, we already have ANI (Artificial Narrow Intelligence) working for various companies and organizations. According to nearly 84% of marketing agencies and corporations have already deployed some sort of AI and Machine Learning to their process in order to assist them and better manage their operations in 2018. Some everyday use of AI in the present times include Chatbots, Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Tesla cars that learn your driving patterns and commutation routes the more you travel with them.

However, with a lot of corporations already pooling in a generous amount of resources to deliver ASI (Artificial Super Intelligence), which is going to be smarter than humans, the future remains in flux. However, some impacts which AI is going to create for Digital Marketing in the future are entirely predictable, and these are the ones we would like to discuss with you.


The Impacts of AI in Digital Marketing

Personalized User Experiences

Today a lot of emphases are being made to deliver personalized user experiences for customers. With AI working in the backdrop with its sophisticated algorithms, expectations are high that it will be able to produce accurate customer personas, deliver acute customer journey mapping, and even reach out to individuals in an intimate manner. Furthermore, AI will also be able to support customer queries 24/7 without any possible delay or signs of exhaustion. Progress, however, is still being made and underway to deliver an AI-generated user experience that is more comprehensive and able to tackle a diverse set of variations that each individual represents.


Semantic Search

While a lot of us will be familiar with searching online for things that we care about using a browser of our choice and merely visiting a search engine to type in our queries, AI will drastically change all that. According to speculations AI will transform semantic searching at an incredible pace. It will take into account various factors such as user’s history, location, seasonal trends, time of the search, and many more to generate stupendous results. This process will naturally be repeated over time to a great extent as more users go online to search for items, and this will only feed AI even more with information to manipulate and play with.


Social Media Marketing & Management

Social media, by now, has effectively integrated itself into our daily personal and professional circles. For businesses seeking expedient returns on their investment, AI will be able to offer them with enhanced social media marketing and management breakthroughs. This will incorporate heightened forms of customer relationship management where attention is given to the slightest details, and insights are gathered rapidly to align offered products and services according to a buyer persona.

Social preferences and awkwardness would also be incorporated into Machine Learning, and this will only provide a more thorough approach for a business to excel using social media platforms with the help of artificial intelligence.


Content Creation & Content Curation

Both content creation and content curation are closely interlinked. Content curation is the process of gathering relevant information to a particular topic or subject that can include scientific evidence, numerical data, facts and figures, and other digestible bits. Whereas on the other hand, content creation is the process of delivering original and unique content that has never been reproduced.

In 2016, the AI for content creation called Wordsmith produced nearly a billion articles into readable narratives. This goes to show just impactful AI can be in the future. According to a Gartner Study, more than 20% of all companies will utilize AI and machine learning capabilities to produce content for their businesses in the near future. In time AI might also be able to provide Academist Help to students to deliver their thesis in the future.


Targeted Audience Marketing

Apart from social media marketing, companies seeking to promote their brands and businesses in the real world will also be able to deploy AI to meet and exceed their expectations. While traditional marketing methods remain cumbersome to this day, AI can make these processes much faster and easier for marketers’ delight. With the ability to crunch vast amounts of information in a single second, AI will give door to door marketing and infallible edge to reach the right customer at the right time. This can also be translated to other mediums where AI can propose enhanced marketing strategies and advertising campaigns to follow through using numerous channels and platforms.


Web Development

Web development is a complicated process as it requires input from a lot of professionals to deliver something truly admirable. It would be best if you had a front end, back end developers, designers, graphic experts, web content writers, and a robust leadership that guides everyone along the way to create a genuinely fascinating website. Even after its completion, a site requires a lot of analysis like A/B testing, SEO, as well as QA (Quality Assurance) to look into issues like loading times, file sizes of images, site mapping, page indexing, coding, security, and much more. With AI on the loose, all of this can be managed within seconds.



So far, AI and its early variations have proven to be quite successful in accomplishing its predefined targets under controlled settings and environments. The Digital Marketing arena is seemingly expanding and growing bigger every day as we speak. Introducing AI to deal and manage marketing in the digital realm can prove to be quite exciting as per suppositions so far. We hope it lives up to its anticipations and doesn’t disappoint us! For more information regarding the topic, please feel free to let us know your queries and questions by sharing them in the comment section below.

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