Future of Smart Bands

The product concept of intelligent wearable devices is hot in recent years. They are portable devices. They can be integrated into users’ clothing or worn as accessories. Smart wearable devices exist as hardware devices. They can realize more powerful functions through software support, data interaction on mobile phones, and other functions. Their existence has brought great changes to consumers’ perception of daily life.


Types of wearable devices have increased with the continuous maturity of various technologies. Its development is enormous. We have relevant data. Smart Bands accounted for 36% of the market for smart wearable devices in 2018. However, the market for Smart Bands seems to have entered a bottleneck period. Its growth momentum is gradually decreasing. Various investment institutions have begun to avoid the risk of high valuation. They believe that the future of Smart Bands has great risks. Is this really the case? Does the data show all the information?

The era of digitalization has come. We can extract refer various basic data. The data-based structure can clearly show changes and developments in the market. However, the display of data often does not take into account the whole development process. The sales volume of Smart Bands has indeed decreased compared with the previous two years. However, it is one-sided and not objective. You can’t judge that it no longer has strong market competitiveness based on this data. We should know. The relevant data of Smart Bands in the past few years are amazing. That situation makes its market rapidly saturated. At present, there are all kinds of Smart Bands on the market. Consumers basically have this product. Its price is relatively low. However, it still belongs to the range of intelligent devices. Its service life is long. This will result in a relatively empty window in sales volume. It creates the illusion that it is no longer the mainstream of society.


In fact, it is not difficult for the strong market competitiveness of Smart Bands. The speed of innovation of various brands is fast. We can take HONOR Band as an example. It has developed from the first generation to Band 5. HONOR officially launched the sixth generation of products in November. There are still many such brand phenomena. They show that enterprises pay close attention to Bands. At the same time, consumers still pay high attention to Bands. You can see that from the search ranking of major e-commerce platforms.

To sum up, the current trend of Smart Bands is good. However, various enterprises should also develop more products for further optimization and perfection.

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