Garden Party Ready. 4 Ways to Ensure Your Garden is Fit for Guests

Hosting a garden party is what summer is made for! Who doesn’t love inviting over family and friends, enjoying good food, plenty of drink and making lots of memories? You can plan your garden party down to the very last detail, but have you given your garden any attention?

Your garden is, after all, the venue for your party. So it needs to be in tip-top condition to receive guests and to help create the best party atmosphere. Unsure of where to start? Don’t worry, here you’ll find 4 ways to ensure your garden is fit for guests.

Garden Party Ready. 4 Ways to Ensure Your Garden is Fit for Guests

Tidy up

It might seem a little obvious but giving your garden a quick tidy up will certainly make your venue more of a pleasant place to spend an evening. Plants, grass, and trees (if you’re looking for some new additions to your garden, check out these Maple Trees from The Tree Center) will all probably need cutting back and controlling after the warm weather we’ve had this summer. Pick up any debris you might come across and give the patio a power wash for a little WOW factor.


Summer is all about enjoying the light nights, but you’re still going to need some lighting to keep the party going well into the evening. There are lots of options here, from pretty strings of fairy lights that you can hang around your seating areas, to pretty home decorated tea light holders that you can place on walls and tables. Solar lights are also a good idea and are great all year round, you can place them in the darker areas of your garden for an extra bit of magic between the flowerbeds. Make sure you keep pathways well lit so your guests can find their way!


Having enough chairs is a party must. Whether it’s a garden party for your closest friends or Christmas Dinner! It might be summer and sitting on the grass seems like a fair option, however, it’s not always comfortable and the more comfortable your guests are, the longer they’ll stay! So, make sure you plan ahead and have enough seats to keep everyone happy and relaxed. If chairs are a little thin on the ground don’t worry, you can add things like a garden bench, bean bags, large floor cushions and even rugs for guests to sit on.


We all love the sun, it lifts our mood, it makes days out extra special and it provides the perfect atmosphere for a garden party. As you probably know, staying safe in the sun is important and if you and your guests are going to be spending time in the sun then you’ll need to provide them with plenty of shade so they can get a little relief now and then. If you have a traditional patio table then putting up your patio umbrella is a must. You can also place seating in the shade of trees, bushes, and walls, therefore encouraging guests to take a break from the intense sunshine.

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