Gastric Sleeve Cost: Why It’s Worth Every Penny

Many people want to know is the gastric sleeve cost really worth the money? The benefits from the results of it are great, which is why so many people do it.

Each year approximately 228,000 Americans undergo weight loss surgery. The majority, 59%, choose the gastric sleeve procedure.

If you or a loved one are considering weight loss surgery and are wondering if the gastric sleeve cost is worth it, read on to find out.


What is a Gastric Sleeve Procedure?

A portion of your stomach is removed and the remain pieces are rejoined to make a smaller stomach, about the size of a banana.


It’s Different From Gastric Bypass

In a gastric bypass, the stomach becomes only a small pouch and your food skips the stomach and heads straight to the intestines. You are full much faster and your body does not absorb all the calories in food as there is a quicker trip through your system.


Gastric Sleeve Cost and Benefits

You should discuss your specific health needs with your physician. But here are some of the facts about the gastric sleeve procedure.



The average gastric sleeve procedure is approximately $10,000. This includes pre-operative, surgery, and post-operative visits. Most clinics do a no-cost insurance verification to see how much of your gastric sleeve is covered.

While this may seem like a lot of money, you should consider your current medical costs due to weight-related illness as well as the quality of life markers in your analysis.



Gastric sleeve weight loss procedures have lower complication rates than traditional gastric bypass procedures and produce a greater weight loss than gastric banding.

The gastric sleeve also requires a shorter hospital stay, typically only 2-3 days. Gastric sleeves are appropriate for individuals with a BMI (Body Mass Index) above 40kg/m2. If you are too heavy for other weight-loss surgeries, you may be a candidate for the gastric sleeve.

Finally, weight-loss surgery reverses or reduces the other medical issues associated with your weight. Diabetes and hypertension begin to improve shortly after surgery.


Why It Works

Gastric surgery works on both the mechanical and chemical side of weight loss, which is why it has better outcomes than traditional diets. In the gastric sleeve, a portion of the stomach is removed which causes you to feel full faster.

In addition, the portion of the stomach that is removed also has the chemical signals that tell you, you are hungry. Once these signals are removed it is easier to eat less.

If you have struggled with weight loss and are ready to change your health and your habits for good, talk to your doctor about having a gastric sleeve.


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