Get Excited To Keep Motivation

It is possible to provide excitement in an activity or task if the motivation is present in the mind of the person who will perform it. Motivation can help a person to get excited every day while aiming for something. At this stage, motivation can be represented by a very interesting activity or a very special reward. An individual may use the concept of motivation while aiming to achieve the presence of excitement in an upcoming event. There are so many ways to achieve such an action. And as much as possible, the things that are new to the eyes of a person or a group of people must be maintained in a certain place or event while aiming to provide excitement.

In this chapter, the relationship between motivation and excitement will be discussed together with all the facts that are connecting these two different things from each other. The readers will be able to understand in this chapter if a person will be able to achieve real excitement in an activity that does not have a reward or an inspiration for the participants. Just read the whole chapter and find out what makes motivation special in the process of providing excitement in an activity.


The Relationship between Motivation and Excitement

Motivation and excitement are inseparable. It will be impossible for a person to make a simple activity more enjoyable and exciting if motivational activities are present in its flow. Like, for example, it is in a classroom setting. In a classroom, a teacher and a group of students are present. An ordinary discussion activity in such a place might encourage the learners to play and do not participate in their lessons.

What’s the good solution for this issue that the teachers must use to provide excitement on their teaching strategies and discussions? Of course, the answer to that question is motivation. A teacher must be able to provide motivational activities in every stage of a classroom activity or discussion to make it more interesting for the learners.


A simple puzzle game or a trivia can be considered already by the teachers as a form of motivation that can help the learners to get excited in all of their lessons while participating in all of the activities that were provided to them. Motivation has a strong impact on the mood of every person in this world.

It can make all the situations and activities more interesting for several hours especially when properly integrated. Everyone in this world will surely agree to the fact that motivation can never be separated from the concept of excitement since the different kinds of enjoyable activities and rewards that it can provide to a person have wonderful effects.

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