How To: Get More Instagram Followers

Granted, a pretty superficial question when you think about it. But that’s just how our society is: a society in which only numbers count in many corners and ends. I am a person who can work well under stress and pressure. Who has high demands on himself and works hard to achieve my goals.

And today I want to help you maybe achieve a small part of your goal: to get more followers on Instagram. Because no, it doesn’t just work by throwing money senselessly out of the window and lying to yourself.

I’ve put together top tips for more Instagram followers that can help you grow. And by that, I mean in a purely virtual sense. I don’t judge anyone who wants to increase their follower numbers. Don’t we all want that somewhere? The only thing that tipped the scales is the “how”.

I prefer the honest way. The one that may last a little longer and that demands work and diligence. But in the end, you can be proud of yourself 🙂 So let’s go …

1- Post regularly, but not all the time

Some people post three times a day, while others only post once. I think it’s important that you show the followers that you are still alive, but the whole thing should not degenerate into annoying spam. I try to upload at least one Instagram post a day, and now and then two or three.

However, that depends entirely on what my cell phone photo album has to offer and how my schedule is. For me, the golden rule is: to be present, but not annoying!

2- Post your photos at the right time

The best photo in the world is of no use if you post it in the middle of the night and your followers are all asleep. If we take up the “post 3 times a day rule” from above, the following is recommended: The first post should go online between 7 and 9 in the morning.

Most people get up or sit in the subway with their cell phones. The second post makes sense at lunchtime – between noon and 2 p.m. and the third in the evening. Preferably between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. People are either back in the subway on their way home or they have already arrived there and are sitting bored with their cell phones or tablets on the couch.

3- Make an effort

Private individuals are usually less interested in increasing their number of followers significantly. That’s why we assume that you use your Instagram account “professionally” in the sense of your blog or your job. In other words, in the best-case scenario, you already have a pretty good eye for aesthetic things.

Use it! Try to get the best photos you can. Take the time to edit your pictures and show your followers that you take your account seriously and always try to be the best version of yourself! The Instagram account can now be the first impression, especially for bloggers.

Many companies write to me today and say: “Hey, we’ve discovered your Instagram account and we think it’s great.

4- Look for the right light

Natural daylight is the best. Always try to take your photos during the day – the most beautiful shots are often taken near a window. And make sure the light fits into your feed.

5- Use editing apps instead of filters

Almost all large or professional Instagram accounts no longer use Instagram filters. Why? Quite simply: Because they are ugly. The magic word is photo apps and there are plenty of them. Popular apps among bloggers are, for example, Photoshop Afterlight or Adobe Lightroom.

As with any good technique, you have to get used to it a bit. But once you’ve got the hang of it and know in which direction your profile should go, these little apps can cause real photo miracles.


It is time to start investing in your Instagram account. Spend some time acquiring new followers and engaging with them. Take advantage of the tools Instagram has provided to increase discoverability.

Put yourself out there daily, create interesting original content, engage with other users, and use hashtags strategically and often—these are the keys to dominating the social media platform and gaining long-term success on Instagram.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different strategies; you never know what will pique people’s interest. The more followers you have, the higher the likelihood of engagement, making it all worth it in the end. So why wait? Start your journey now and watch your followers—and success—grow!

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