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In this article, we will talk about how you can get an optimal result with your Instagram account. We will help you by giving five handy tips. These tips consist of; be consistent, Instagram profile layout, create a whole with the photos, use the correct hashtags, and the use of handy photo apps. With each tip, we will give you a hand in how you put it to use the best way possible. Lastly, we will provide a short conclusion about this article.



How can you achieve an optimal result with your Instagram account? Due to the continually changing algorithm of Instagram, it is increasingly difficult to reach your followers and produce results. Some tips can help you. These are our 5 tips to enhance your Instagram account optimally!


INSTAGRAM TIP # 1: Be consistent

The first tip is being consistent. Consistency is important on social networking platforms such as Instagram. Your followers do not just follow your account; they see hundreds of photos every day when they open the app. You have to post a photo several times a week, so that your photo is placed on top as much as possible and that the chance that your followers will see this photo is at its highest. If you want to appear higher up on the timeline, you can choose to buy custom comments on Instagram, but make sure they are relevant comments. When you do, the algorithm will consider your post relevant and popular, making it more important to show to other Instagram followers.

Do you have a company profile? If you do, view the statistics every now and then. The statistics are based on your followers, for example when they are active. Based on these statistics you can decide to post a photo on certain days or times to get as many likes and reactions as possible.

Get the Most out of Instagram


INSTAGRAM TIP # 2: Instagram profile layout

The second tip revolves around the plan of your Instagram profile. When you visit an Instagram profile, the profile photo, the name, and the bio of this person are seen first. Make sure you have a clear, but also attractive profile photo and be sure to use your name or the name of the company.

Besides, write a relevant and exciting text to put in your bio. Ask yourself: Who are you? What are you doing? Who is your target group? What do you want your followers to know? Once you have collected this information, create a design for your bio in the notes of your phone. Here you can add enters to your text so that the whole looks a lot clearer. For a few months, hashtags are also added to the bio to increase the findability. Finally, the bio always ends with the website URL (if you have one).


INSTAGRAM TIP # 3: Create a whole with the photos

The third tip is about how to make a coherent whole with your pictures. Is there a specific idea that you want to send out to your followers? Or do you find particular images very beautiful? But do you want to create a whole with an overview of the Instagram account? Then use the same filter with each picture. When choosing photos, it is useful to know that images with a person on it will rank an average of 38% better than pictures with only products or a location. Also, videos or Boomerang are viral. While scrolling through Instagram, moving images attract attention, which ensures that your followers are really involved in your message.


INSTAGRAM TIP # 4: Use the correct hashtags

The fourth tip is about using the right hashtags. General hashtags such as #lifestyle or #love are used very often. When using these hashtags, the changes are very high; the photo will most likely not be displayed. It is a waste of space and time to use these hashtags. Then what kind of hashtags do you need to use? Think of relevant and specific hashtags for your picture. Be careful not to be too specific and do not make the hashtags too long. People do not search for these, and therefore you will not be found. If you do not have any inspiration at the moment, you can go to websites such as; All Hashtag, Best Hashtags, and Hashtagify. On websites like these, you will find hashtags that will help you be seen on social media, and these sites are also advantageous to get some inspiration to make your own hashtags.

It is essential for companies and influencers to always add their own hashtags to messages which are usually the same as your account name. If someone searches for your account name, they will receive an overview of all photos that include the hashtag defined by your account name. Also, other people can use this hashtag if they have taken pictures in a restaurant or shop, or when reposting your photo.


INSTAGRAM TIP # 5: Use these handy photo apps

The last tip involves editing your photos. Although you can use the editor that comes with Instagram, you have more choice and a wider set of tools when you use a photo editing app. Nowadays there are so many different apps to edit photos with. These are some of our favorites:

  • VSCO Cam: This app has a selection of free filters and the necessary tools to edit photos.
  • Snapseed: The best basic and free mobile editing app that is easy to use.
  • Lightroom: The mobile version of Lightroom is entirely free to use.
  • UNUM: Want to see how your Instagram feed will look before you actually publish a photo? Then use UNUM. Upload the images in the app and keep moving until you think it seems perfect.
  • Unfold: For Instagram Stories Unfold is the app to use. Create the Instagram Stories precisely the way you want with templates to place the photos, text, and filters.

It is especially important just to have fun with your Instagram account. If the photos reflect who you are or what company is, then it actually is attractive to follow your account. On Instagram, it is important to show who you are, since your followers will appreciate it, and love you even more.



In this article, we have given you a few handy tips for putting your Instagram account on the map. Some of these tips include the use of correct hashtags and how to make your account attractive. With the help of these tips, you will gain more followers, which in turn will give you more likes and comments.

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