Get the Nostalgia of a Tree Swing at Your Home!

When you think of the classic Norman Rockwell home, there are certain things that you expect. When evoking that imagery, you probably see a white picket fence, a covered porch, and an American flag by the door.

You might imagine a generic grandma with a steaming apple pie, who permanently lives by the entrance. And you probably see, in your mind’s eye, a gnarled old tree with a swing hanging from it.

The tree swing is just one of those items that are instantly nostalgic. It reminds us of simpler times, when there was no internet, no video games, and no tiny supercomputers in our pockets that we occasionally make calls from.

It doesn’t matter that very few people can even really remember that time. It is stamped in the cultural memory, a reminder of an era that may not have really existed.

Tree swings make us think of the ideal of what American life might be when the biggest decision to make on a Saturday was whether to have that lemonade on the front porch or the back patio.

The reason tree swings are so nostalgic is that they are so simple. In the mid-twentieth century and before, a tree swing was an inexpensive way to entertain your small children that a dad could put up just a few minutes.

In the 1970s and ‘80s, prefabricated metal swing sets became common. These sets allowed more kids to play at once and included other play elements like slides, but they had no soul.

In the 90s and early 2000s, large wooden playsets became popular, but these sets could cost thousands, and are difficult to move when your kids outgrow them.

This is why a simple tree swing is so nostalgic. It reminds us of a time before the bigger and better consumerism made them seem obsolete, but is still fun enough to get a child to stop staring at a tablet.


Tree Swings Can Be Installed in Minutes

If you want to give your home the comforting nostalgia of a tree swing, it is extremely easy. You will need to find a sturdy branch that you can reach.

The branch will need to be strong enough to bear your weight without sagging. Depending on the type of swing, you may need to find a branch strong enough for the weight of two people.

Your swing can be anything from a commercially produced swing that is sold at every hardware store, to something homemade. Homemade options include a simple board with chain or rope attached at both ends or a tire on a swivel.

There are also many modern variants, like teeter-totter swings, or spider web hoops.

Whichever swing style you decide on, all you have left to do is hang it from your branch.

You can mount your swing from a simple rope slung over the branch, but rope can damage your tree. Rope cuts into the bark, leading to scarring of the branches.

Another option is a hanger like a SwingTie. Hanging tree swings from SwingTie is safe and quick.

Rather than trying knots that can fail, or drill into your tree branch, SwingTie hangers are set up in seconds and can hold up to 1000 pounds with no damage to your tree branch. If you decide to move or remove your swing, there will not be a mark on your tree branch afterward.

In summary, it is easy to get the nostalgia of a tree swing. Choose from a wide array of swing types, hang it with a SwingTie, and start swinging today!

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