Getting the Best Horoscope: What Makes an Astrologer Trustworthy?

Do you want to get into horoscopes but you’re just never thrilled? Learn how to get (and where) the best horoscope that’s the most relevant.

Given that nearly half of the population trusts horoscopes in general, it’s important that you have someone you can trust when in search of a horoscope.

The best horoscope writers are going to give you accurate information based on real research in the field. If you find that you’re struggling to make sense of the horoscope or apply it to your life, it’s not very accurate and written in a style that’s not meant to connect.

Here are five ways to know that you’re reading from a trustworthy astrologer.

1- Specifics Matter

When you’re reading a horoscope, you’re going to want to see details that really matter to you.

You should be getting more than just a general sense of what someone in this sign is going to deal with in the coming days or weeks. Anyone interested in a horoscope wants to see a few details.

They should account for specifics that are unique to that sign. Every sign reacts to adversity differently and so if the writer knows what they’re talking about, they’ll consider that. They’ll know that Venus is a powerful and emotional sign for some while it’s got a much weaker impact on others.

The specifics of the horoscope shouldn’t be afraid to go deep or get detailed. People come to a horoscope partially for entertainment but chiefly for guidance on making big life decisions. When a reader is in search of a horoscope that resonates, they’re going to look for details that go out on a limb, that take a risk, and that talk about real life.

2- Accounting For Rising Signs

One of the big technical details that many horoscope writers overlook is the importance of rising signs.

While the sun sign is important to understand what’s at the heart of someone’s perspective or what’s mainly guiding them, rising signs exert a powerful influence. If you deny the power of these signs, you’ll be unable to talk in a very complicated sense about what someone’s horoscope means.

The only complexity is that a horoscope that takes rising signs into account will have to come in 12 parts per day. It could be distilled down to only the ones that are seeing the most action in that day, but it risks leaving people out of the conversation. Some readers might look into this as a “no news is good news” type of deal that helps them to feel better about not being talked about.

While there are a lot of ways that rising signs can be written about and considered, leaving them out of a horoscope leaves one that’s devoid of much meat. You won’t be able to give anyone more than the most general and cursory idea of what to expect if you don’t talk about what else is exerting power on them.

3- They Feel Personal

When you’re reading a horoscope that doesn’t feel like you can connect to, it’s hard to take it seriously. An accurate horoscope will have enough information behind it and consider the social, political, and even weather climate to give you information that matters.

If it predicts you’ll be taking a vacation soon but it’s the holiday season and the only vacation you’re taking is to your childhood bedroom, that’s no good. You want to see something that you can connect with and that actually makes sense for your life.

While it’s entertaining and funny to read some generalized statements about how your sign might be feeling this week, it’s not going to bring you much.

You need to find something you can connect your own job, your own relationships, and your own problems too. If it’s too general, it’s going to feel like it.

4- Every Aspect Is Accounted For

Reading through the work of the best horoscope writers around, you’ll start to notice some common things that make them so good.

They build followings by being detailed and by offering information about a wide variety of issues that we deal with in our lives. There’s no way that the things that influence your personal relationships are going to be separable from your job and the best writers know it.

You should be able to find a horoscope, even when written in short form, that has information about every major aspect of your life.

You should be able to read about how the movement of the stars is going to influence your next major purchase. If you’re in a place where you’re feeling a bit manic and more energetic than usual, being reminded that you need to tread carefully is important.

If your financial matters need to be dealt with care during this period, you should get some details about that from your horoscope.

5- Talked About In Relation To Other Signs

None of us live in a vacuum. While dealing with all of our own issues, we have to deal with other people dealing with different results from the same influence. We all live under the same movement of the stars but it’s going to impact each of us uniquely.

Finding a free daily horoscope is simple but finding one you can connect with is harder.

Your horoscope should give you insight if this is a particularly challenging time to connect to someone from a certain sign. Having a heads up is important for avoiding miscommunication and problems with friends and family. If your horoscope prepares you for a challenge in advance, you can overcome issues much easier.

The Best Horoscope Writer Makes You Feel Heard

When seeking out the best horoscope writer, you need to find someone who knows about astrology and shows you through their work. You also need to find a writer who speaks to you. We all have our own taste and style preferences so listen to yours when you’re seeking out a writer to connect with.

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