Gifts For Girls Who Love To Read

The perfect gift for 11 year old girl who loves to read is right around the corner, you just need to know where to look. If you’re struggling to make a decision, then this blog can really help you out. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when tasked with finding something for a child you don’t see every day, especially when parents can struggle to get gift-giving right as well. So whether the girl you’re buying for is a niece or distant cousin, you’re sure to find something she’ll love on this list.


The most obvious choice is buying books for any girl who loves to read, but it can be hard to know what books she already has and the genre she prefers. If you have any doubts at all, swap the book you were planning to buy for a voucher, or buy a special edition of a classic you know she loves. Alternatively, consider buying the young girl in your life a reading log to record all her favorite books.


An essential for every bookworm, a bookmark can be so much more than a slip of paper. If you’re buying a bookmark as a gift, spend a bit of extra time finding a pretty one that’s made from metal. Some bookmarks can even be personalized or encrusted with crystals. Alternatively, pick out a handmade leather bookmark for a girl who likes a more minimalistic look.

Book-themed accessories

Buying a T-shirt, tote bag or poster with quotes from classic novels is sure to go down a treat, especially if you know which ones the child in your life is most interested in. Even if you’re not sure, there are plenty of quotes about the joys of reading that can work just as well.

Reading light

Whether you choose a bedside light, one that clips above the bed, or a bookmark that doubles as a torch, the bookworm in your life is bound to make good use out of it. Especially useful in the winter as the nights draw in even earlier, having a good quality light makes finishing that last chapter an even better experience.


Buying a book lover a book subscription or book club membership is a more unique approach to gift-giving. But treating a young girl to an ongoing present will give her something to look forward to each month long after her birthday is over. Look into different magazines that cover the latest literary releases and reviews and try to find one that looks suitable for an 11 year old girl’s reading age.

Reach out to your loved ones

If you’re not sure what the girl you’re buying for likes to read but you’re dead set on buying her a book, ask family members who are closer to her or, even better, ask the girl herself for a list. The list could be distributed amongst other family members to help them all find books she’d really enjoy.


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