What to Go to Study: Professions That Allow You to Work for Yourself

Career guidance specialists unanimously assert: a massive exodus of employees from offices is about to begin. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, the salary in the office grows much slower than the prices, and people have many alternatives for additional earnings, for example, at Secondly, the uselessness of office life often leads to professional burnout – and in this situation, it becomes vital for a person to do something really useful. And finally, thirdly, working for themselves, people get the opportunity to independently build their schedule – which means that they have much more time for personal life, travel, and entertainment. What can you do after leaving the office? There are a lot of options!


Nail Service Master

One of the most popular directions is the master of manicure. Oh, today this is not at all a banal manicurist, about which the heroines of old films spoke so condescendingly. Nowadays, masters of nail service are real artists, because nail design has long become a separate art form.

During the courses, you will be taught not only to do the basic types of manicure, pedicure, and spa treatments, but also to work with various coatings, draw pictures on your nails, and massage your feet and hands. An important part of the program is the methods of disinfection and sterilization of instruments, which guarantee safety for both you and your customers.

Disadvantages: as with any sedentary work, the back and eyesight suffer from nail service masters. In addition, they have to breathe the fumes of varnishes, washes, and nail dust, from which even a mask does not always save.



It would seem that massage parlors around are invisible. But have you seen these prices? Private craftsmen do not have to share with the owner of the premises, so the demand for them is traditionally high.

There are two main directions. The first is designed for those who have problems with the musculoskeletal system. To do this, you need to master the classic, sports and medical massage of the back and neck-collar zone, as well as a foot massage. The second direction is citizens who are losing weight and suffering from edema. They will need lymphatic drainage, honey, cupping, and anti-cellulite massage. In order to keep the clients busy, we recommend mastering both directions, and in addition, various exotic techniques: Thai and Balinese massage, acupressure, stone massage, and the like. The more range you have, the greater the flow of customers.

If you have the opportunity to offer your clients a shower, or if you plan to go home, in addition to massage, you can master various kinds of peels, scrubs, and wraps – this is also in great demand.

Disadvantages: very heavy physical activity. Large men with large palms are a little easier, small fragile girls fall off their feet in the evening. However, if you do not strive to earn all the money in the world, then the load can be selected according to your strength.



Margarine and palm oil in in-store cakes have generated an unprecedented demand for custom-made cakes. Today they are baked by former lawyers, accountants, advertisers – and not only women but also men.

If you love baking, then why not turn your hobby into a way to make money? However, we want to warn you right away: designer cakes are not a mass-market product, so at first, even if you bake very well, there may be problems with finding customers.

Duration of training: pastry courses are not a panacea in this case. Even the longest of them last only a couple of weeks and are more like a series of masterclasses, where they will show you how to cook certain desserts and give you the opportunity to try to do it yourself. Most often, no one will get it the first time. You will have to fill your hand so that the cakes are not only tasty but also beautiful, you will have to do it yourself.

Profit: a novice pastry chef can count on a maximum of 10 thousand dollars per month. After you have formed a pool of clients, you can earn from 80 thousand dollars per month.

Disadvantages: If you try everything you cook, you can forget about a good figure. Moreover, the risk of developing type 2 diabetes is increased.



You will be surprised, but money is paid for this too. And not small. Of course, for this money, clients will not read a newspaper horoscope. First of all, the astrologer draws up a natal chart – a personal horoscope, built at the time of a person’s birth, and deciphers it, determining the client’s life path.

Also, at the consultation, you can get a forecast for the near and distant future, compatibility predictions, advice on choosing a profession, find out the optimal dates from the point of view of stars for important matters: making a deal, weddings, operations, travel, and so on. As a rule, with a good astrologer, most clients become regulars.

Profit: personal consultation with experienced astrologer costs from 5 thousand dollars. So, without straining too much, it is quite possible to earn 100-200 thousand. The main thing is to get clients.

Disadvantages: Many will consider you a charlatan.

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