Goal Setting An Activity of Great Importance

Learning to set goals as early as possible is more efficient than wandering aimlessly around – your life without direction. A goal setting activity given by a teacher or coach will ask you to begin with a goal you want to achieve.

You will find out why some people almost always succeed by actually doing it yourself. Have dreams and aspirations to succeed and allow yourself to make it big. Then begin involving yourself in goal setting activities.

In any goal setting activity, you must be able to visualize end results. During a moment of silence and solitude, imagine yourself living the end result of each goal. Concentrate on what you are doing at present that helps you visualize your goals as achievable.

Take note of negative thoughts and feelings as well while you are doing your goal setting activity – like obstacles to achieving your plans.


Countercheck the source of each goal. You must be able to know if you are sure about this goal. It is very important that you decide clearly on this. If you are trying to achieve a goal just because someone else thinks that you should, you must think twice. You can never give the full level of commitment, passion and motivation if this is the case.

The goals should come from deep inside your feelings and emotions and not from someone else’s. The achievement of other people’s goals will not make you happy. Goals are different from one person to another just as they are different beings from one another. To analyze each goal with clear thoughts. The goals you set should be exactly what you want to be, achieve and have in the future.


To check if you are doing alright in your goal setting activity, pass the emotional test. If you have difficulty in ranking a goal according to priority, try to give time and answer this problem. Ask yourself if you feel energized and excited if you think about a particular choice.

Know if you have a feeling a drop of excitement when you think of it. And ask yourself, which option brings a special feeling to you when you picture it. Always bear in mind that goals that fire you up are important so that these positive emotions will inspire you to make these goals real.

In a goal setting activity, positive feelings like freedom, excitement, well-being, growth, and development or enthusiasm are good signs.

Goal setting activities are practiced by teachers to make their students understand more about how they can prepare themselves for the future.


Steps in completing a goal setting activity are:

– ask the students to define a goal as something one intends to do, have or achieve

– explain that people have different ways of giving priority and managing time

– introduce a variety of goal statements that are specific, measurable, and realistic.

In goal setting activity, teachers usually present a lecture on life patterns and the choice that people make to reach their plans in life. They give encouragement to the participants to seriously think about the decisions they will make that will alter their lives significantly.

In goal setting activity, people understand to choose to lead productive and successful lives. This activity will help people to see that they can exercise control over their futures by making good and wise decisions at present. They will eventually choose a productive life that is healthy, purposeful and positive.


Goal setting activity is important beyond compare.

Beginning your goal setting activity is like giving your ship a compass to reach the port of your own choosing.

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