Going On A Cruise? Here’s How To Best Spend Your Time!

Travelling is a gateway to having unique experiences and that is proven true when the journey turns out to be better than the destination. To ensure that happens, you can take a luxury cruise holiday that allows travelers to trade their bustling city life for a voyage on tranquil waters for an exquisite holiday experience.

Shining out among the few luxury cruise services, Jalesh is a great luxury cruise service. They offer a wide range of Jalesh cruise packages that include the best of entertainment shows, delicious authentic cuisines, adventure, relaxation, etc.

These packages are designed to suit the needs of every passenger through a mixture of domestic and international hospitality on the high seas. Here are all the services you can enjoy that Jalesh cruise packages include:

Entertainment and Dining

A Jalesh cruise never fails to nail the luxury that every one of its guests has. This element of luxury also includes entertainment of the best quality. Entertainment arrangements aboard these cruises boast professionally organized Broadway musicals, dance performances, stand-up comedy shows, all-time blockbuster movies, cabaret shows, musicians, and an onboard casino ranging from petty slots to high stakes games with as much excitement as you desire. Here is every detail you need to know about all of these:

Broadway musicals

With a Broadway musical designed especially for the guests of Jalesh Cruises, you get to sing along and experience the action and adventure from start to finish. These musicals are performed by famous international performers and leave you wanting for more. Hence, you need to make sure you don’t miss this spectacle.

The Dome

The Dome is the best place to be if being part of a vibrant nightlife is an essential part of your travel. The Dome has you covered with DJ sets that fit any mood. The ambiance and the hospitality at the Dome keep parties lively and ensure that you get your dance hits all night.

Regardless of your preference; you will always find something that meets your tastes. To sum up the Dome, is a great blend of premium bar service and great music providing you with a good time.


Movies have been a staple form of entertainment for nearly a century now. Hence, Jalesh Cruises ensures that you don’t miss out on your all-time favorite blockbuster movie. The cruises have a vast big screen movie selection. Movies from this collection are shown daily at fixed screenings. The collection is filled with beloved films across a wide variety of genres. The general timings of the show are matinee, evening, and late-night.


The on-board casino will spoil you for choices. It hosts popular games like Blackjack, Poker, Casino War, Slot Machine Games, and many more amazing table games. Any passengers that like to try their luck very often will surely have an exciting time here.

Chef’s Table

Jalesh Cruises offers you a chance to experience a chef infused culinary experience like none other. Along with 3 set menus, it also offers a choice of multiple courses featuring an Indian Banquet. Other options include Vegetarian and non-vegetarian, Sea Food Banquet & the traditional Dastarkhwa.

Essence of India

Essence of India is a restaurant aboard Jalesh Cruises that presents you with the best foods from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Moreover, it also serves as a cereal & fruit junction during breakfast.

The Pool Bar

You can visit the Pool Bar to sip from a wide selection of freshly made fruit juices and a wide variety of mocktails, cocktails, and drinks. Moreover, it is the perfect place to spend some quality time with friends.

Entertainment On A Cruise

Relaxation activities

A cruise holiday in itself is a soothing experience. To add to that, Jalesh Cruises offers you a lot of rejuvenating experiences. This presents you with both the chance and reason to relax and indulge in heavenly wellness experiences. Pamper yourself to the fullest on your trip and make your trip even more memorable. Here are the best relaxation activities offered by Jalesh:


A spa experience may be the missing piece that fits with the breeze of the ocean, the rich zen aroma, and gorgeous natural textures to create a beautiful holiday. Some of the spa experiences include:

  • Body Massage
  • Body Therapy
  • Thermal Suite
  • Anti-Ageing Treatment
  • Skin Solutions
  • Acupuncture Session
  • Medi-Spa Cosmetic Treatment

Swimming Pool

A cruise holiday trip is incomplete without taking a dip into the pool. Moreover, the calming waters of the swimming pool will be complemented by beautiful panoramic views of the sea.


Jalesh cruise packages allow you to choose between numerous beauty, hair & body treatments. These threats include haircutting, hair styling, extensions, waxing, massages, hair coloring, and a lot more. Some of the salon activities offered are:

  • Shave Bar
  • Face Bar
  • Blow Out Bar
  • Nail Bar
  • Hair Bar
  • Colour Bar
  • Wax Bar

Activities for kids & teenagers

While you may have your hands full with choices regarding what you can do aboard Jalesh cruises, you may also be worried about your child not having enough to do. However, you can find a wide array of activities designed specifically for kids and teenagers.

These activities are solely focused on fun and entertainment and are divided across multiple zones. As kids are always energetic, fun & full of life, these zones are designed exactly in that manner. All of these sections have an amazing range of offerings that include an arts & crafts area, scavenger hunts, jewelry making, air hockey, karaoke & lot more.

Jalesh Cruise is a premier multi-destination cruise service that began operations on its first voyage in April 2019 from Mumbai. With warm hospitality, top-notch services, and amenities, Jalesh Cruise is suited to meet the needs of all types of travelers. This includes vacationers, wedding planners, corporates, event organizers, etc.

Moreover, Jalesh Cruises has specially designed rooms and other facilities for the elderly and differently-abled passengers.

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