Golfing in St. Thomas

Each year, a large number of individuals decide to take a summer vacation. A large percentage of those individuals are golfers. If you are interested in vacationing in St. Thomas, you can an unlimited number of activities to participate in. Just one of the many activities that you can find on the island is golfing.

Golf courses and golf resorts are located all around the world. Since golf courses and resorts can be found just about anywhere, you may be wondering why you should vacation in St. Thomas. Honestly, there are a number of answers to that question. Perhaps the best answer is because of the climate.

St. Thomas is located in the Virgin Islands. The Caribbean weather makes St. Thomas warm and inviting.  Few golfers ever get to experience golfing in tropical weather, but with vacationing in St. Thomas you will.  Almost all year round the weather is perfect. This means that whenever you decided to vacation in St. Thomas, whether it be in the spring, summer, fall, or winter, you are almost always guaranteed beautiful weather.


The weather alone is enough to bring in golf lovers from all around the world, but that is not the only reason why you, and many other golfers, would enjoy golfing in St. Thomas.  As previously mentioned, St. Thomas is an island that is located in the Caribbean. This island is home to some of the best ocean views in the world.  Many golf courses are positioned so the ocean can be viewed from just about any angle.

When golfing in St. Thomas you can take your pick from a large number of golf courses. As in the United States, St. Thomas is home to a number of traditional golf courses and golf resorts.  If you have already made overnight accommodations you may not want to stay at a golf resort. Just because you will not be staying at a golf resort, does not mean that you cannot play golf. You may be unable to play on resort courses, but there should be a large number of golf courses in the area that you will be granted access to.

If you are interested in vacationing at a St. Thomas golf resort, you may have a difficult time deciding on one location.  Golf resorts are located all around the island. Many are located along the coast.  If you are interested in pursuing other activities besides golfing or you are vacationing with a non-golfer, you may wish to select a golf resort that is located along the beach or at least near one.  This will allow you and the rest of your party to enjoy beach activities, as well as golf.


If you have made the decision to vacation at a St. Thomas golf resort, you are encouraged to schedule your reservations well in advance.  Depending on when you travel, you may find that many popular golf resorts, along the coast, are fully booked.  In addition to guaranteeing that you will get a room, most upscale golf resorts require reservations.

Avid golfers, maybe even yourself included, may want to bring along their own golf clubs. When traveling, it is important that you treat your golf clubs like any other piece of luggage.  You are encouraged to place an identification tag on your golf bag. Your identification tag should include your name, home address, phone number, and possibly where you will be staying in St. Thomas.  In the event that your luggage or golf bag gets lost, an identification tag can help.


Once you have started making travel plans and hotel accommodations you can begin to prepare for your trip.  Once in St. Thomas you will surely be able to see why it is such a popular vacation destination.

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