No Degree? No Worries! 7 Great Jobs You Can Get Right Now

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for people who don’t have a college degree to get a good job. Thankfully, there are still a few industries that offer positions with competitive salaries, benefits, and the potential for growth without requiring a college degree. If you don’t have a degree and are searching for a new or better job, consider one of these seven great opportunities that people can get without any university qualifications.

Railroad Conductors

Railroad conductors coordinate operations between the train’s crew and its passengers and oversee the loading and unloading of cargo. Conductors also check passenger tickets, announce stops, and perform a few other onboard activities while the train is in motion. With a high school diploma and some vocational training, such as the completion of the railroad conductor training certificate, you can begin a career in this field. Railroad conductors make an average of over $56,000 per year.


Plumbing is in demand today and will be in the future, with an estimated growth outlook of 16 percent from 2016 to 2026. In addition to a good job outlook, plumbers receive excellent wages and can easily work as independent contractors or start their own businesses. The median wage for plumbers in 2016 was $51,450. After finishing high school or obtaining a GED, you’ll need to enroll in some technical courses through community colleges or trade institutions and complete an apprenticeship.

Amway IBO

You can sell products as an Amway IBO with no more than high school education. Amway uses a direct selling model and a multilevel marketing plan where entrepreneurs are rewarded for selling nutrition, beauty, and home care products. Though you don’t need additional training to begin, there are extensive training opportunities available to all Amway IBOs.

Elevator Installers

Elevator installers enjoy the benefit of a very high annual salary ($78,890 per year in 2016) and solid projected job growth (12 percent from 2016 to 2026). Elevator installers install and fix elevators, escalators, moving walkways, and more. Though this career is certainly a niche specialty, you only need a high school diploma to get started. You can develop skills in this field through an apprenticeship and will need to get licensed depending on the state you’re working in.

Web Developers

Web development is a fantastic profession for those interested in freelancing or working from home
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Web development is a fantastic profession for those interested in freelancing or working from home. Though the position does require some technical proficiency, you can excel in this career field with only some additional training beyond high school education. You can learn skills like coding on your own, and there are plenty of licenses and certificates you can complete to boost your portfolio. The average web developer earned $64,970 in 2015.

Dental Assistants

Those interested in dentistry can become dental assistants with a high school diploma and training through a dental assistant program at a community college or technical school. There’s a high projected growth for dentistry careers, and you can either continue as a dental assistant or leverage your experience with some additional training or education to move up in the field. Dental assistants are responsible for taking X-rays, keeping records, scheduling appointments, and handling other aspects of patient care. In 2016, they made an average salary of $36,940.

Commercial Pilots

You’ll need a college degree if you want to fly for an airline, but there are plenty of other career opportunities for pilots, whether you’d be happy flying charter flights, taking aerial photography, crop dusting, or something else. You’ll need a high school diploma to get started and must then complete additional flight training. This includes logging 1,500 flight hours and passing the Federal Aviation Administration practical test for licensing. Salaries vary depending on the work you do, but commercial pilots on average make between $48,000 and $90,000 annually.

There are many jobs available to people without college degrees, and the good news is that you won’t have to sacrifice your passions to enjoy a career with an excellent salary and benefits. Consider one of these opportunities or use the experience you’ll gain to launch into a new profession down the road.

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