A Guide to Chartering Trinidad And Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago is the southernmost island country in the Caribbean, and its reputation as a less tourist-oriented country is exactly why you should travel there. Unlike most other countries in the Caribbean, not being reliant on tourism due to oil and gas-related wealth has resulted in much of the country remaining untouched from an outsider’s perspective.

Whether you travel through the busy cosmopolitan capital of Port of Spain or simply want to relax by white, sandy beaches, Trinidad and Tobago are sure to provide. Plus, with so much of the country being accessible by water, no question that experiencing these countries is best done through the luxury yacht charter. In this article, we take a look at some of the highlights of these beautiful twin islands to give you a head-start in planning your next big chartering adventure.

Experiencing everything in Trinidad and Tobago

A yacht charter to Trinidad and Tobago provides ample opportunity to experience an impressively diverse and unique assortment of habitats. Immersing yourself in the beautiful variety of locations in Trinidad and Tobago is highly recommended to ensure you experience all of the unique flora and fauna this twin-island paradise has to offer.

Taking a boat through mangroves will afford those with a keen eye unmatched birdwatching, with sandpipers, egrets, anhingas, and scarlet ibises common sights, while the lush rainforests give plenty of opportunities for exceptional hiking and waterfall swimming. Among the stunning natural sights, one of the other big drawcards of Trinidad and Tobago is the incredible local culture.

In Port of Spain, expect to encounter beautiful fretworked buildings, bustling markets, and squares heavily populated by locals. A local love of music and a healthy obsession with Carnival means you can listen to high-energy soca and calypso music while you munch down on local food favorites bought from stalls, such as doubles, a delicious curried chickpea flatbread.

Ideas for beach adventures in Tobago

Although Tobago has more than its fair share of gorgeous beaches, some of the best beaches are not easily accessible. One such beach is Lover’s Bay, a place you will most likely have to search out yourself on your charter. If you do decide to take the plunge, you’ll be more than rewarded for your efforts – crushed seashells mingle with the white sand to give the appearance of a pink sparkling shore, plus the relative inconvenience of reaching the spot means that you may very well be the only people there.

As another romantic idea, make sure to take an evening horse ride through lush wetlands and mangroves to Buccoo Bay, where you can have a picnic on the beach while the horses frolic – there’s nothing else quite like it! Just remember that the best time to visit Trinidad and Tobago is typically from January to May, as the clear skies and lack of rain make for excellent days at the beach and perfect sailing conditions.

An island country like no other

Whether you opt to sip local rum cocktails on the untouched Caribbean beaches or join in with friendly locals as they dance to up-tempo tunes, Trinidad and Tobago has something for everyone. And with traveling by charter yacht expanding your options exponentially, you can experience dense rainforests, historical buildings, and exceptional wildlife with ease.

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