Guide for Absolute Beginners: Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis

Cannabis is a very popular recreational drug. It isn’t just used recreationally however it is also used medicinally. The Cannabis plant’s many medicinal benefits have led to it being legalized in Canada and now the United States. Many more Western countries are likely to follow, especially in Europe. Legislation is being passed in several European countries that would result in Cannabis becoming legalized.

If you are interested in Cannabis and want to begin using it, then you first need to learn about it. Here’s everything that you need to know:

Widely Legalised

Cannabis is legalized in many U.S. states. It can be enjoyed in cities like Las Vegas and New York, but cannot be smoked openly. Lawmakers are calling for Cannabis to be legalized throughout the nation. It is entirely up to individual states as to whether they do legalize Cannabis, but currently, it does look promising.

The world’s attitude to Cannabis has totally changed over the last few decades. It’s no longer seen as a ‘taboo’ drug that destroys people’s lives. It is a drug that can be used responsibly, just like alcohol. Cannabis is also legalized in many European and Western nations.

Health Advantages

One of the primary reasons that people are calling for Cannabis’ widespread legalization is because of the plant’s many health advantages. Cannabis has the power to totally transform the lives of people suffering from health conditions, like cancer, epilepsy, and diabetes. Cannabis can also be used to effectively treat mental health disorders, such as anxiety and depression. If you suffer (or have suffered) from any of these conditions, then you will definitely benefit from using Cannabis. Cannabis can also lower blood pressure and reduce inflammation.

Different Highs

The ‘high’ that you get from Cannabis depends largely upon the strain that you are smoking. Most people wrongly assume the Cannabis high is a lethargic and lazy one, which couldn’t be any further from the truth. There are many different highs one can experience when smoking Cannabis. Indica highs are the stereotypical lazy high, whereas Sativa highs are more energetic and happier. Sativa highs are often called ‘laughing highs.’ This is because they tend to induce a sense of happiness and joy in users. You need to research strains (which we will come to later) before use so that you can find the high that’s perfect for you.

Cannabis high is a lethargic and lazy one

Product Variety

Cannabis doesn’t just come in plant form. You can find a variety of different Cannabis products. A particularly popular Cannabis form sold around the world is CBD (Cannabidiol) oil. CBD is one of Cannabis’ main Cannabinoids, along with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). However, unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive and therefore produces no high. The use of CBD allows users to enjoy Cannabis’ health benefits without experiencing any psychoactive effects. There are many other Cannabinoids available for sale, and many different applications of traditional Cannabis (vape, oil, topical, and edible).

Cannabis Strains

There are thousands of Cannabis sub-strains. The main two strains are Sativa and Indica, which we have already discussed. There is an unofficial third strain, called ‘hybrid.’ Hybrid sub-strains are produced by mixing Indica and Sativa plants. The highs produced by hybrid sub-strains vary wildly, from incredibly relaxed and happy, to energetic and alert. The cannabis dispensary that you are shopping with should be able to tell you all about the strains that you are interested in buying, so make sure that you ask them before making any decisions. Most dispensaries also have description boxes on their product listing pages, so that people can read about the products they are buying.

Social Acceptance

Something else that you should know is Cannabis is no longer socially stigmatised. Up until quite recently, the smell of Cannabis being smoked publicly would attract stares of condemnation. Now, nobody bats an eyelid. Cannabis is normalized, it isn’t considered a dangerous or harmful drug anymore. In fact, many of the people who once condemned Cannabis users now use it themselves. It is socially acceptable. If you are considering using Cannabis, then you should know that you aren’t going to be judged. If you are, it will be by the few rather than the many.

Improved Confidence

Finally, Cannabis improves the confidence of its users. If you are a person that struggles to socialize with other people and has severe confidence issues, then you will most certainly benefit from using Cannabis. The only downside to Cannabis is that in some people, the THC content can produce a sense of fear and anxiety. If you do suffer from anxiety, then it is probably worth using CBD isolates. CBD is very effective at boosting user confidence while preventing anxiety and fear. Improved confidence can help you to live a more normal and relaxed life.

Cannabis is a wonder drug. There are hundreds of benefits to using it. If you have never used it before but would like to, then you need to start slowly. You shouldn’t rush into using Cannabis, because as said already, in some people it can cause anxiety. When you first start, take one step at a time.

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