Easy Guide to Add Facebook Page Reviews on Website

Facebook, being the highest leveraged social media platform across the world has become a huge hit amongst brands, marketers, and entrepreneurs.

Ever since Facebook introduced the Facebook business page feature to all the brands that advertise and market their products and services on the platform, it immediately was used by them to target potential customers more effectively.

Soon enough, the users of the brand started using the platform to leave behind their reviews and experiences around the brand and its products.

Such content created by the users of the brand has proven to be social proof of the brand and convinces the potential customers to have faith in the brand and all that it has to offer.

Make your way to the end of the blog as we shall be telling you more about the significance of displaying Facebook reviews on the website and also be telling you about the best ways to embed the reviews on the website.

Let’s get started!

Why Should Brands Add Facebook Page Reviews On Websites?

● Users Trust Other Users

When it comes to User-Generated Content, the motto is simple. A customer always tends to trust another customer much more than the content published by the brand itself for the promotion.

Facebook reviews are the content that is created by the users of your brand. It is not scripted which makes it completely authentic, genuine, and trustworthy.

Facebook page reviews when published on the website work extremely well to gain the trust of the users since it is not paid or sponsored by the brand.

This results in more trust and confidence which further leads to more conversions and sales.

● Increase The Dwell Time Of The Customers

Every website owner aims to increase the stay time of the visitors. For attaining this, the brand needs to provide an amazing user experience to the visitors.

When you embed Facebook reviews on your website, you distract your visitors from the other content that can get a bit monotonous and repetitive.

Instead, going through Facebook page reviews would be a game-changer and compel them to go through the reviews in detail leading to an increase in their dwell time on the website.

● More Conversions & Sales

Here are a few statistics for you to consider –

  • The ultimate deciding factor for the customers to go ahead and purchase a product is the rating of the brand and the product
  • More than 85% of customers go through product reviews and testimonials during their decision-making process
  • More than 90% of customers go through the experiences of other customers before going to the store

These statistics must be an eye-opener for you and clearly reflect how potential customers leverage reviews. Displaying your Facebook reviews on your website can tremendously convince your potential customers to purchase your products that would ultimately lead to a growth in your website conversion rate and sales.

How To Add Facebook Page Reviews On Website

Method 1 – Using The Official Embedding Option On Facebook

Facebook itself offers the option to embed reviews and content from the Facebook page to the website and it can be done in a few easy steps.

Simply follow the steps mentioned below and you shall be able to upload reviews on your website.

  • Visit the Facebook reviews section of your Facebook page
  • Redirect to the review that you wish to embed on your website
  • Click on the three dots on the top right corner of the review
  • Click on the Embed option
  • Next, you need to copy the embed code that pops up on the window
  • Paste the copied embed code on the backend section of the website
  • Save or Publish to apply the changes and you are done!

Even though the Facebook option looks easy, it does not allow the users to embed multiple reviews at the same time which makes this process extremely time-consuming and taxing and this is the only major limitation of this method.

Method 2 – Using A Social Media Aggregator Tool 

Another easy and efficient method to embed Facebook Page reviews on websites is using a responsive social media aggregator tool that allows the users to display as many reviews as they wish in one go.

While there are multiple social media aggregation platforms present online, you need to choose the best fit as per your needs and requirements.

An ideal social media aggregation tool must have additional features. It must enable its users to customize their widget from a variety of options like templates, fonts, styles, etc.

The users must have the option to remove any unwanted content that may tarnish their brand’s reputation.

The platform must also provide them insightful details to track the performance of their widget and keep a check on total impressions and other crucial information.

The users look up to fast support and assistance from the platform if they encounter any problem while using the platform and the social media aggregation platform must have robust back support.

All you need to do is find the appropriate social media aggregation platform that offers the aforementioned features and you will be set!

  Final Conclusion

Facebook page reviews on the website can prove to be extremely beneficial for your brand’s success. Now that you are well aware of the significance of Facebook reviews and the best methods to add the reviews on the website, get going, make the right choice and start utilizing Facebook reviews in your business marketing strategy!

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