The Brief (but Detailed) Guide to Managing Influencer Content

Is your business maximizing the use of social media? If not, you’re likely missing out on sales and losing income.

Increasingly, businesses are using influencer marketing to reach a new audience. What is influencer content? Simply, it’s when an Instagram user, YouTube account, or Facebook page promotes your product.

Generally, influencers have large amounts of followers. The idea is that their audience will then want to check out your brand after seeing it on the influencer’s page.

Want to get started with influencer marketing? If so, keep reading to find our helpful guide.


Select Influencers Who Align with Your Brand

When researching influencers, the person with the most followers isn’t necessarily the best. While size and reach matters, you first need to think about alignment with your brand.

You can look for influencers on sites like Shake by IZEA, but find influencers who have an audience similar to your own target audience. This way, when the influencers recommend your product, their audience is likely to be interested and want to check it out.


When Paying for Influencer Content, Set Clear Expectations

Social media influencer content can be an amazing way to expand the reach of your brand. But to be successful, you need to set clear expectations with the influencer about what is expected.

Create a contract that outlines how many posts, videos, or stories they will share. It should also include deadlines, approved messaging, payment, and any other key details.

The influencer should also create a report after the campaign. This will outline how many impressions, views, likes, and shares the campaign received.

That way, both parties will clearly know what’s expected of them.


Follow All Social Media Marketing Laws

In the US, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) works to prevent deceptive marketing. Influencer campaigns are a type of marketing, so they are governed by the FTC.

They believe in transparency to prevent deception, so all Instagram or social media campaigns must be clearly labeled as such. Before starting a new campaign, make sure you understand how this works.


Share the Content on Your Own Channels

You may want to share the videos and images created by the influencer on your own social media channels. This provides you with beautiful and high-quality content that your followers are sure to love.


Start Using Social Influencer Content to Boost Your Business

Influencer content is rapidly growing in popularity, with both large and small companies realizing the power of social media. A well-executed campaign can drive traffic to your site, generate new leads, and increase sales, so it’s worth trying.

If you’re new to influencer marketing, use the guide above to get started on your first campaign. While it may take some time to find the right influencers for the job, you’ll soon be on track to reaching a brand-new audience, which is fantastic for your brand.

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